Does buying a good mattress help any? Is it worth the

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    JEANSKI New Member

    I have an oppurtunity to get a really nice mattress. It is expensive but it has a lifetime warrenty and is a REALLY nice mattress.

    Has getting the right mattress helped you? I really don't want to waste that much $$ if it will not signifecantly impact my life. LOL

    It really did help alleviate the pressure on my body. It was like floating in a pool. No pressure, no pain.

    What has been others experiance? Good and bad.

    Thanks! These big ticket items make me nervous..any help appreciated!
  2. footballmom

    footballmom New Member

    My husband and I purchased the sleep number bed about a month ago. So far we're both very pleased with the results. Although it hasn't taken all of my pain away I feel as though I'm getting better sleep and not quite as stiff when I awaken in the morning. My husband has also found releif from some of his lower back pain.
  3. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Hi Jean,

    I got a mattress a few years ago and did extensive research on it before purchasing one. I think a new mattress can help. However, it's really important to understand the warranty that the mattress manufacturer provides in the event something goes wrong. Mattress companies tend to gloss over it, and the warranty often isn't very good.

    I hate to provide negative info, but what I read on the many customer review websites about mattresses is that manufacturers will do everything possible not to honor them. The mattress industry is not regulated very well unfortunately.

    The best thing to do is ask the place you are thinking of buying the mattress from LOTS of questions about the warranty. Some places want you to ship the mattress to a place in another state at YOUR expense! Just ask a lot of questions and see if the warranty is worth it before spending a lot of money. Also, you have to have a copy of your warranty before the company will do any warranty work, which means if it's a lifetime warranty and something happened in 15 years, you need to know where that receipt is 15 years later! :)

    I ended up buying my mattress from a local retailer that makes their own mattresses. It cut out the middle-man and saved me a lot of money. The mattress was designed for people with joint problems (such as fibromyalgia). They also told me I would need the original receipt. I have a file in two separate file boxes that says "mattress warranty" in big letters.

    The mattress is great. It's important to rotate it and care for according to mfg instructions. Make sure you lie down on the mattress for a long time and in the different sleep positions to mimic how you sleep at night. I would try a lot of different mattresses before spending a lot of money. It's definitely possible you could find a cheaper one that alleviates your pain and pressure points also and you won't be out so much money. That's what I would do.

    In my experience, it pays to do a little research because it can save you some time, money and headaches later. Check out for some ideas on choosing the right mattress for you. You might also google things like "mattress reviews from consumers". Hope this helps!

    Best of luck finding the right mattress!

    Warm hugs,

  4. mjwarchol

    mjwarchol New Member

    I have bought quite a few new beds over the past 24 years since I was diagnosed. None of them were cheap.

    I found the best one is my Tempupedic. I have had that for 3 years now and it is worth every penny. I would never go back to a regular mattress again.

    M J
  5. padre

    padre New Member

    I bought a memory form mattress topper ( 2 inches) because my mattress was fairly new. It has made a huge difference in how I feel in the morning. I went for a three week visit and slept on a regular mattress (with an "egg crate" topper) and was glad to be home. The answer is yes! And, I will look at the all-memory foam mattress for a replacement.

    JEANSKI New Member

    Thanks for your replies. I will definately look into that warrenty to make sure of it's conditions. Good idea.

    I am gonna go for it. It really is a great mattress. I bought one two years ago and am so disappointed in it, what a waste of money! I know this one won't be like that. I am just hoping that I can feel an improvement in my mornings.

    It is getting delivered at the beginning of my vacation...I will probably never leave my bed! LOL
  7. CanBrit

    CanBrit Member

    We also bought a memory foam topper as our bed was fairly new as well. It was a 3" one. I just love it. You really notice a differenc if you have to sleep in one without it.

    All the best,

  8. frosty77

    frosty77 New Member

    I sleep on a 25 year old couch with broken springs - I'd kill for a memory foam mattress!
  9. sisterk

    sisterk New Member

    Although it has only been less than 2 years since I was Dxd with FM, I have had lower back pain problems all my life. I cannot remember not having back pain and now, lots of hip, leg, and foot pain AND on top of that, I also have neck(3 surgeries), shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel and all kinds of strange feelings and pains. Now, having said all that...I bought a memory foam mattress about a year ago. I have never had a more comfortable nights sleep. I spend a lot of time in bed due to my back and other problems and I can actually say that I get a great relief, it's like it just cradles me, and takes pressure off all my sore spots. I have always loved to travel, and now I hesitate to go anywhere that requires staying overnite, I really,REALLY have to want to go before I'll make that great a sacrifice...I love my matress that much! If you haven't tried one, some bedding stores give you a thirty day trial, and some even finance. It's worth a try.
  10. JoFMS

    JoFMS New Member


    I have a memory foam mattress and pillow - the mattress erally helps. I notice the differnce when I stay away in another bed and wake up so sore. It's really good if I have to stay in bed on a bad day too and well worth the money.

    Prob my best investment yet!
  11. VivianT

    VivianT New Member

    Instead of buying a new mattress I bought a memory foam mattress from overstock. It is unbelievable how much it has helped me get some comfortable sleep. When I sleep away from home, I wake up so achy now. It does make my husband sweat a lot though.
  12. CockatooMom

    CockatooMom New Member

    I feel that a good mattress is essential for people like us. My bf and I are going to consider a sleep number bed or a temperpedic (sp?) when we move in together (in a year or so).

    Right now I have a Sealy with a pillow top (was about $1,000), but I ended up putting a 3 inch memory foam topper on it as well. I think a 2 inch would have been fine. It's still great for me but a little too soft for the bf.

    Best of luck in your decision.
  13. lillieblake

    lillieblake New Member


    I sleep on a love seat - padded with the center board from the table and two afghans.

    But I love it - I sleep on my back with my feet elevated on the other back end or on my side curled up with the cat behind me.

    I also have a bed with a mattress with a pillow top. I have to pick myself up to turn over and in the morning I feel like I have bed sores in places that laid too long on the 'soft' mattress.

    Good luck. Sleep is so important to us. Love, Lillie
  14. frosty77

    frosty77 New Member

    Lillie, thanks, you gave me an idea - maybe I'll try a foam thing for the couch. I, too, have a bed, but barring the fact that my husband snores loudly all night keeping me awake, the mattress is just awful - I hurt more when I lay on it and frequently throw my back out.
  15. momof4kids68

    momof4kids68 New Member

    I hate the fact that I have to pick myself up to roll over. It's painful to move but because I hurt all the time, I can't stay in one position too long.

    Long gone are the days when I just rolled. ARGH...

    I'm really wanting to buy a tempurpedic. I have a friend who has one and when I go see her, I lay on it. The bed just cradles my body.

    I'm not sure if my husband will like one but he can put a board under his side if it's too soft.

    It is a lot of money though.

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