does cardio exercise make you feel sick at all during or after?

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  1. Kimelia

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    I have low blood pressure and was in the hospital for 2 weeks for it end of last year. Before I went in I was working out pretty hard cardio wise and then one day I just coudln't get out of the floor so had to call an ambulance a few times. I think part of it was that my body couldn't take the cardio workout.

    I've been trying to do cardio again slowely but it seems like everytime I work out I feel sick. I do muscle building exercise for about 30 minutes or more every other day and have been handling that ok for about a month now.

    Last night I tried 5 minutes on the mini trampoline and started feeling just yucky, hard to explain. I was weaker and felt sorta naushious.... Best way I can describe it.

    How do you tolerate muscle building weight exercises??? I've been doing ok with that for about half an hour 3-4 times a week for the past month and feeling stronger. I might skip tonight becuase I'm still not feeling great from yesturday. I guess I'll play it by ear.

    I love working out. I"m in the fitness industry so it's not that I don't like working out. It's sorta depressing that I can't do what I use to.

    Anyways, just wondering if anyone else experiences this or anything else related to exercise problems.....
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  2. Kimelia

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    I really want to know your experiences with exercise so I'm bumping this post... Terrible I know ;)
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    Standard cardio workouts made me feel awful - I just can't tolerate them anymore. Too high impact and increased my pain. I have arthritis in my feet and standard weight bearing exercise aggravated that as well.

    On the advice of my rheumatologist, I returned to yoga - if you're breathing right, you get a huge cardio workout - I feel great after and if you can't do a particular position, you can modify it. Plus the next day, there is no "backlash" for me - I still feel good.

    Madame Curie

  4. elliespad

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    Yes, early on in my illness, when I was still active and exercising regularly, I would feel, HORRIBLE, weak, sweaty (like cold sweat with chills) and NAUSEOUS. I remember playing raquetball with my husband and then sitting in the lounge, and telling him I feel REALLY BAD, like poisoned. This continued and worsened over a few years.

    Eventually, I was only able to tolerate minimal activity, like moving about the house and getting to grocery stores. That was in my EARLY years of getting sick, back around 1980 ish. It has been downhill from there. I have been unable to work since 1989. Normal exercise has become a distant memory for me.
  5. Mikie

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    When I'm up to a little, very little, aerobic exercise. I have CFIDS and if I overdo it, it can put me in bed for a week. If we listen to our bodies, we learn to recognize the messages they are sending to us.

    Love, Mikie
  6. bunnyfluff

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    I used to ride my bike for miles! Then suddenly- POW!~ It hit me like a ton of bricks and I will try to describe it.

    There is a headache that starts immediately after from the base of my skull and sweeps over my head. Then I feel poisioned, and nauseated- violently so- like I want to throw up- for 24- 30 hrs afterward!!

    I recently got tested for EBV reactivation, and my results were 170! Anything over 20 is considered high. I was on anti-virals for a month, and I still feel yucky, and went yesterday to get re-checked. I asked my Dr at what point do I go from FMS to CFS and he said "you're there".
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    I only had this happened when I was in 24/7 caregiver for mil in my home when I was doing no exercise......five years; prior to that, was walker/jogger/swimmer.

    Started back, and yes, did get a little nauseasted, even though I started VERY slowly.

    With your history of low blood pressure serious enough for two weeks hospitalization, my first thought is "what does your doctor say."

    The trampolines are a lot of fun, but a lot of proprioceptive input that keeps changing......there may be a segment of us who would have trouble anyway with the low BP.

    Do you feel overheated???? Have you tried a yet different environment such as the pool. Would check with doctor first though.

    Good luck, June
  8. Kimelia

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    that you said the word poisoned...I coudln't pinpoint the right word and that's it. I guess it's pretty common. I wonder what in the world causes that along with the other symptoms.

    Maybe the blood moving faster stirs up toxins, or perhaps it's just simply related to the blood pressure.

    Maybe I'm too analytical for my own good. :)

    At least now I know that I shoudln't do it though honestly it's such a downer to know that I can't do that type workout without making myself sick. I havn't had a good cardio workout since last october... I work in the fitness industry for crying out loud!

    Thanks for all hte input, what you all said explains it all.
  9. Kimelia

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    One more question. SInce this can be as severe as it is, can it be detected by doing a stress test?

    I heard something about our blood backing up into a chamber of our heart during exercise several months ago, it sounded like it could explain this.
  10. Michelle_NZ

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    I have been unable to do any cardio exercise since about July last year. I used to be very active and fit, walking, running, gym.

    The last time I tried was last Dec, I went for a nice hour long walk - not hard, just moderately paced, and I payed for it with 6 days of being very ill and bedridden - severe fatigue, nausea, headache. I didnt shower for 3 days because I couldnt find the energy.

    I find this really upsetting too as I am not a lazy person, and I love exercising. It kills me sometimes that I cant put on my running gear and get outside for an hour.

    I've had CFS for 2 1/2 years, but this time last year I was able to exercise - I was walking about 8 - 10km a day and loving it, and then suddenly, whammo! No more exercise, and everything else has gone downhill ever since.
  11. goaska29

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    Many of the symptoms described above are so similar. A little over a year ago I ran at least 3 miles a day, now a 5 min walk makes me light-headed and shaky.

    My least favorite part of this is that in order to help my low blood pressure, doctors recommend that i the low blood pressure is making exercise intolerable! And all the meds I've been put on have made me gain weight. I eat a very healthy diet, but with this exercise intolerance I'll remain overweight forever. :(