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  2. Cromwell

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    sEVERAL PEOPLE HAVE MENTIONED better description needed. Here and other posts.

    Well, here goes:

    I feel perfectly OK apart from usual FM stuff, then I may sit down or especially if I sit at a table or another person is present, I suddenly get this floaty head weird thing, sort of like an extreme feeling of wanting to sleep, but not really wanting to sleep. Like a total exhaustion that settles in my head. Makes me feel disconnected, as if a part of my brain just gave in.

    There is almost an expectation that one is due to have this followed by something, like a seizure or a stroke, but this does not happen. This head sensation stays sometimes for hours or minutes.

    Yesterday, instead of fighting it I went to lie down, and slept for an hour and was better. I would say it feels like temporary narcalepsy.

    I hate the feeling as it is scary, you know how you feel just before they put you oput for surgery, just seconds before the drugs kick in, that is like it.

    Sorry I am so vague. Love Anne C
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    I am not alone with this feeling..I have tried to describe this head feeling..I call it a strange or werid head feeling..It must be part of CFS cause I never had it before..In fact this was one of my first symptoms..

    If you bring up weird head feelings under the search bar it may have some of my post..It feels like the inside of my head is dizzy, is one describtion I use..But lying town and rest is a must when this happens..I also take xanax which helps..Maybe because this feeling make me anxious.
    For years I was told it was anxiety but it isn't even like an anxiety attack..

    I can't say its fibro fog, or sensory over load,just not the same symptoms.. I have ask the docs but they haven't a clue..Another thing most of the time this is the beginning of a crash..I have had this dd almost six years and never gone more than 5 days without a crash.

    So as to how cfs makes my head feel its like the inside of my head is weird, almost like dizzy but not, it feels a lot like sinusitis or allergies, like I need to sleep sucks I just can't describe it but as I have said this has been one of my worst symptoms is the weird head feeling ..I was doubting my dx because no one seemed to have it..They had the fibro fog, and sensory over load and maybe that is what this is but a different feeling but don't think so..

    Would love to hear more and anxious to see what responce you get..

    I do not have any advise except rest by lying down..

    God Bless,
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    see if you recognize these possible triggers...
    1. overstimulation (noise, lights, people, grocery store)
    2. migraine coming on (tingly face, woozy feeling, confused, disconnected)
    3. some meds (sedatives, sedating narcotics for pain, anti-anxiety)
    4. chemical sensitivities (exposure to perfume, petroleum products, plastics, glue, paint, cleaners, air freshener, shopping in walmart or hardware store)
    5. sleep deprivation (affects us all- we don't get the deep sleep we need, leaving us as good as drunk some days)
    6. headache causing weather (high pressure, sudden temp changes, thunderstorms, humidity)
    7. allergy response (sinus pressure, mould exposure, food sensitivity, MSG, aspertame)(you know when you have a bad head cold how you feel like you can't do anything or think straight)
    8. hypoglycemia (missing a meal or having too much sugar at once)
    9. low blood pressure

    i have all of these issues, and get the feeling you are describing regularly. sometimes i can't even read a book. i just stare at the tv on mute.
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    Just got up from a 3 hr rest after having the head feeling and I had never thought of it as your head feels tired but along with some other symptoms it really does..Also at times my vision is blurry...

    Anyway up now and head is feeling better but I feel fatigue and aches so as I said seems this is always the start of a crash for me..

    Keep in touch..
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    well lately, when i also sit down, i get this crunching sound of some sort in the front of my dome...w/ a wierd dizzy yet not dizzy feeling, just wierd...and scarey... its really weird... and i can feel this crunching sensation...or scratching... what is it??? hmm...well thanks, beck
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    So as to how cfs makes my head feel its like the inside of my head is weird, almost like dizzy but not, it feels a lot like sinusitis or allergies..someone posted that...EXACTLY...i feel it in my sinuses, cloudy, pressure...nausous but not...its not like vertigo. is it all connected somehow?? its so is also so nice to be at a board that people expierance all the wierd things i have...if im not DX'ed w/ fibro, ill be pretty darn confused, as to why i have all these unexplained issues..and why...thanks agin..beck
  8. shootingstar

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    I get this a lot. It's like I zone out temporarily, feel disconnected from people around me, feel like I'm hearing conversations through mud.

    It's really frustrating and unpredictable, can last quite a while, several hours at times, then seems to improve on its own. I just thought it was part of fibro fog, but who knows. I have such poor sleep that I've also wondered if it might be sleep deprivation catching up with me.

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