Does Chlorella chelate mercury or not?

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    Hi folks

    It seems that many people take chlorella to detox / chelate mercury and other nasties.

    In Andy Cutlers book "Amalgam Illness" he categorically states that chlorella does not chelate mercury, it only moves it around your system and redistributes it, and that you should NOT take it while chelating.

    My dr has me taking 4gm of chlorella a day while I'm chelating using DMSA.

    I'm thinking of stopping the chlorella as I am feeling horrible and thinking that might be the reason ie the mercury is just roaming around and making me sick, not getting out.

    Does anyone have any thoughts, or experiences about this. I am really confused.

    Take care
  2. Michelle_NZ

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    I aksed my dr about this, she said it does not chelate mercury, but it binds to it in the gut and removes it in the stool.

    How is this different to chelation?

    The users on the yahoo metal chelation group say not to take chlorella - that it just bounces the mercury around and is high in sulphur which many people toxic with mercury cannot tolerate

    I'm so confused!!!
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    started by Lisa Petrison on July 12, 07. It has some interesting info about the benefits of chlorella or spirulina. Have you done a search in the above box? Just type in "chlorella" and a lot of posts come up. Best wishes,
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    I was always confused by Chlorella. They say it stays in the gut and only absorbs there, but then they say the only good kind is the "cracked" cell wall type which makes it so you can digest it. I'd probably go with the AC list if I were you... but I'm no expert.
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    Michelle- I took chlorella in fairly large doses for nearly two years & had very good detox results with it. The type of chlorella that you want to take is the "Yaeyama" type, which certifies the purity of the product & that it was produced in a mercury-free environment.

    I also have comunicated w/other folks who have gone through amalgam detox, who will swear by the effectiveness of chlorella as a mercury chelator. DMSA is excellent, but does have its own side effect issues, due to it is a chemical. Chlorella is a natural substance & is effective at pulling mercury from the body.

    Andy Cutler wrote a nice book about mercury detox, but believe me, he does not have all the answers, nor does he have all the "correct " info in his book. If you go slow & easy w/the chlorella & gradually build up the dosage you should do fine.

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    I haven't seen any studies indicating Chlorella removes any mercury. I can attest to the redistribution it does. It had me feeling very good for a few days then whacked out my adrenals and kidneys. The mercury moves from safe places into the sensitive places (thyroid, adrenal, pituitary). Something to be careful with. Pectasol and Sodium Alginate are supposed to be better. Ive used Pectasol and it seems to be working through the kidneys. Alginate ( i haven't seen any studies) is supposed to remove through the stool (stress the liver instead of the kidneys).