does cold damp weather worsen your symptoms?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Smiffy, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. Smiffy

    Smiffy Member

    If you are in part of the world where Autumn (fall) has arrived, are you dreading the cold damp weather?

    It makes my pain & stiffness so much worse, & of course means I can't sit in the garden - being confined to the house is like a prison sentence!
  2. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    I live in Maine now and we allready have cold nights, even frost on the pumpkin in places...

    I DREAD the fall because winter is not far behind...It amazes me how a cool day can make my fingers curl in the closed position, my neck and lower back sting and pain me constantly...The cold gets into my bones and doesn't leave...Nothing has ever helped this feeling until last year I found some relief by having a wood stove installed in my home...Just as the cold seems to get into my bones, this type of dry heat can work its way deep enough to make me more comfortable...Doesn't mean I still don't suffer for more than 5 months out of the year, but it helps some.

    I too feel like a prisoner in the winter months but as of this past summer, I am now forced to admit I have trouble with hot, humid days too...I was stuck in the house most of the summer too! ANd as many know, the air conditioners and fans in the home can be more brutal~it's a balance that sometimes can take most of your day to find comfort...

    All I know is, my poor heat pack that I am needing more and more for my neck and lower back/hips is working overtime along with my microwave to warm it...

    That's enough typing for me, my hands are killing me!!!

    Keep warm and cozy everyone, it's gonna be a long season~Alicia
  3. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    Hi Smiffy,

    Yes, I go from pain to PAIN. Especially in my legs and back.

    The Crofts dog show was on television this morning. I was thinking of you while watching it! I love the terriers!

  4. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    and we certainly get plenty cold, damp weather here dont we?

    Being housebound in the dark, winter days is awful, I agree, let's hope it's a mild, sunny winter this year.

    love Rosie
  5. puppyfreak

    puppyfreak New Member

    I used to think this was an old wives tale until it started happening to me! My right hip has been hurting for 3 weeks now and I'm waiting for me left knee to start.
    I got a really nice new big heating pad at Costco and I go to sleep on it because it automatically turns itself off.

  6. kathleen1437

    kathleen1437 New Member

    Living in the highlands of Scotland cold weather is very much the norm .Even in the summer we fail to get consistantly good weather. I suffer in the cold /damp weather more so ,i tend to have the central heating on full and when i venture out i'm wrapped up top to bottom.
    hugs kathleen
  7. sassykat

    sassykat New Member

    I live in Canada...does that say it all! We were so lucky this summer and had very little rain and lots of hot, dry days. I was spoiled. But winter...that's another story. I start wearing heavy socks and sweaters in Sept, and take them off in May. It sure does limit outdoor activities.
  8. abbylee

    abbylee New Member

    I have a much more difficult time when warm fronts come through than I do with cold fronts. I can't wait until winter!!!

    "When the weather is warm and sunny, I'm tired and achy
    When the weather is cold and dry, I get renewed inspiration to try."

  9. Smiffy

    Smiffy Member

    We'd better all go & visit Wendy as it's her Spring now!
  10. Mareeok

    Mareeok New Member

    I usually start feeling bad before it starts raining.
    The cold weather is miserable but then the hot weather does the same thing. I can't have either extreme.
  11. cold damp weather is the pits! PAIN, PAIN, PAIN!
  12. kim840

    kim840 New Member

    Just hearing the words cold and damp in the same sentence has sent me into pain! LOL

    Also, I live in Phoenix, Arizona and hot damp weather does me in too. That may surprise you guys, but it really sends me.

    Where do you guys think we could live so that the weather would not hurt us? I'm hoping heaven will be the answer! I can't wait for that new body!!!

    Always hopeful,
  13. sunnywey

    sunnywey New Member

    It really doesn't get too cold on the West coast here, but it sure gets damp. The weather changed this week, and I am in so much pain, since it started raining.
    We are thinking of semi-retiring in a couple of years, and getting a condo in Vegas to live part time during the winter. My pain always disappears when we go there. The dry climate really helps me.

    I always wondered if a dry, cold climate would work just as well for me?

    I know,for me,a hot humid climate is just as bad as a damp climate.I really need it dry.
    I'm getting worse every year!
  14. zerped

    zerped New Member

    I've been to Mexico three times with my CFS (still unaware that I had CFS), and each time I feel like the scene in "Cocoon" where the men get out of the pool where the pods are. I really feel total and complete relief. Damp and warm can be bad too. I get a cortisone injection in October and one in January, and this has helped quite a bit. The shot starts to wear off a few weeks before the next one, so I only have really bad days between shots (i.e.--the holidays!). It really does make a big difference.