Does Cumanda cause insomnia like Samento?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bunchy, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. Bunchy

    Bunchy New Member

    I am taking Samento for suspected Lyme but can only use 3 drops (recommended dose much higher). More than that and I get severe insomnia AND severe constipation.

    I was wondering if Cumanda does the same or is it gentler on the system?

    Any input greatly appreciated.

    Bunchy x

    PS Taking Noni juice as detox support already!

  2. Bunchy

    Bunchy New Member

  3. vp

    vp New Member

    I sure hope Cumanda doesn't cause constipation. I can't afford that side effect, (I'm still healing from Mirapex that caused me constipation) Ouch!!!! I can do without the "help" with insomnia too, mine is pretty bad all on it's own>

    I'm supposed to titrate up to 20 drops 2x a day of Cumanda.
  4. Bunchy

    Bunchy New Member

    any ideas anyone?

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