Does Elavil Help With Anxiety

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SusanEU, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    Does it help with anxiety, the 5HTP have me such headaches and much same symptoms as with SSRIs.

    I gave up on it.

    I do have the amitriptyline, should I give that a shot. My anxiety and insomnia are more of a problem for me than the pain, although I do have some pain everyday.

    Thanks for any advice.

    Sue in Ontario
  2. shootingstar

    shootingstar New Member

    I took it for a while several years ago, and don't remember specifically if it helped with anxiety. It was prescribed for depression and it made me feel tired. It was one in a series of many antidepressants I was prescribed at one time. If you're feeling agitated it might help. The tricyclics and SSRI's don't necessarily have the same result for everyone and the only way to know for sure if one will or will not work is to try it.

    Insomnia, the type where I wake in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep for hours, is a bummer for me too. I have a flexible schedule now, no longer working, so that is easier to work around. I've been trying to avoid supplements and medication, experimenting with eating foods high in calcium (may be helping some) and this week adding more foods high in magnesium. Don't know the result of that yet.

    I'm relatively new to the board. Wish you well.
  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    It works greta for sleep and pain but it makes me very anxious BUT it may work differently for you there are lots on this board taking it so why not wait and see. I am med sensitive so it could be just me.

    Love Anne C
  4. lvjesus

    lvjesus Member

    I was prescribed 25mg at bedtime when first dx with fibro for help with sleep and pain. At first it knocked me out now it does not work so good and I am afraid to go up on the dose because of the weight gain issue, but if I go without it now my anxiety is completely through the roof.


    ANNXYZ New Member

    Personally I would AVOID elavil , if possible. However , it does give a lot of folks a good night's sleep and can help w/ anxiety .

    I took pamelor , a tricyclic that causes less side effects for a few years . It worked well for me and others . I did not have a big weight issue with it and I slept well , and had no anxiety . Elavil is a VERY old drug and can cause huge problems with weight for SOME people .

    Another drug that works like a charm for a lot of people for sleep and anxiety is trazadone ( desyrel) .
    It is also very cheap . I know LOTS of Fm people who do well on it .
  6. ABLUV

    ABLUV New Member

    the generic amytriptilene. It helps my sleep and pain very much. I vary in dosage between 40 to 60 ea night, depending on my needs. I have gained weight but I thought it was the aging process; never thought it was the meds. I don't suffer from anxiety but I do have severe spasms at times that look like a seizure but its not.

    Try typing elavil and amytriptilene into the search box to read more posts on the subject.

    with hope & love
  7. mevy

    mevy New Member

    I have taken Elavil 50mg at bedtime to help me sleep. Didn't see where it helped much. The problem I had with it was gaining 30 pounds in about 3 months. I'm sure some of it was to do with absolutely no activity at all for 6 weeks.Why can't they find something to help without this yucky weight gain thing? Needless to say I quite taking it--not worth the extra pounds to me.
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    It's hard to beat Klonopin for many of us. Of course, we are all diffent. It also helps with sensory overload, RLS, tinnitus, pain, and muscle spasms.

    One can build a physical tolerance to it and must wean off slowly if one ever goes off of it.

    It has been a God send for me but because I am getting better, I am in the process of slowly weaning off (or down, at least).

    Love, Mikie
  9. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    I am leery of the weight gain - that is one reason why I won't take the Effexor. I'm just so desperate to feel somewhat "normal" again.

    I take lorazepam now to help with sleep and anxiety. I tried Klonopin but it doesn't seem to agree with me at all.

    I've used imipramine years ago for mild depression I had and I was ok with it. I asked my dr for it and she said the elavil would be better with the fibro. Don't seem to tolerate the SSRIs too well.

    So I am back to deciding between the elavil and effexor I guess.

    Sue in Ontario
  10. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    Elavil helps me with sleep, pain and anxiety. It does put weight on, though and I keep weighing the pros and cons of using it. I went off of it for a while and dropped ten pounds right away.

    Now it depends on how bad I need it.

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  11. cressida

    cressida New Member

    I find that Elavil works great for anxiety and pain (temporarily), as long as I can sleep on it. If I take it and stay awake, I feel even worse. When I wake up from Elavil induced sleeps, I feel absolutely wonderful for a brief period. I don't take it every day though, so I can't say what it would be like if I did.

    I can only sleep for 4 hours on it, so I can't use it as a sleep aid, because once I'm up - I'm up, and when I take it during the day, it takes up half my day.

    It does cause weight gain though. After I take it, I have to eat something, and about an hour later it puts me to sleep.
  12. kbak

    kbak Member

    You might want to try Flexeril. It's a muscle relaxer but actually acts like Elavil on your brain. Will help you sleep, and not feel as frazled.

  13. zion1971

    zion1971 New Member


    elavil made me very anxious. i did notice that i ate more with it. it is something i use periodically. helps to reduce my pain.

    i have gained about 30 pounds since using this and ambien (about a year). i am naturally thin so the weight looks good on me (so everyone says). people who gain weight easily should be very careful.
  14. bossco

    bossco New Member

    I have found valium has worked best for me with doctor would prescrbe 20 at 5m. sparingly to take as needed. would need maybe 5 a month to help me thru, especially at period tme. Years later I still take them as needed and he does monitor, due to their abuse, but oh what relef they bring into my cfs, 10 years and growing. I did the elavil thing too, with also horrible feeligs, along with weight gain....hope you find relief....
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