Does everyone herx on Transfer Factor here??

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by xtian1, Oct 24, 2004.

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    I have HHV-6, CMV, Mycoplasma, and mildly elevated Candida titers and some low T-Cell counts and just started taking 4Life Advanced TF (4 a day). I was feeling much better before this as my Dr. was building me up and detoxing my Liver, etc.. which really helped with energy.

    Initially I felt nothing with the 4Life TF, but a week into it I now have periods of fatigue and headaches and flu-like feeling, but not too bad.

    I am just wondering if all of you herxed with TF or if some of you felt nothing, or mild herxing (like me).

    Also I am considering adding Immune Care 64 as I heard this will work on my CMV, HHV-6 etc.. Do any of you have a preference for TF C or Immune Care 64?

    Also can I add Nutramedix Samento to the mix? My Dr. who is also a lyme specialist suspects I have chronic Lyme (my Igenex test was Equivocal with some positive bands) and wants to start either The Marshall Protocol or other Antibiotics and I wondered whether Samento might be a goo alternative option.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

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    Love, Mikie
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    I would consider my herxing on TF as mild. I like the Immune Transfer C but that is the only one I have tried other than the 4Life. I did herx witht the 4Life so I am not opposed to it as a general TF but I like the targeted TF's the best for me.

    I have never heard of Samento so cannot give my opinion there. I am hoping to start the Marshall Protocol Jan 1. I have talked to my doc about it once, have a 2nd appt to continue the discussion. Mentally, I am ready to give it a go.



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    I have been exhausted since I started transfer factor, but I am doing mega doses. I did one transer factor 4000 and added one each week until I was up to 4 a night. Then I started added transfer factor 6000 which targets HHV-6. I got up to 2, but when I did 3, I got a headache...and felt extra terrible. Transfer factor 6000 has vitamin C in it; I usually get migrains when I get ahold of it or citrus.
    So, I have backed off to doing just two of the 6000's at night.

    I am also doing bicillian in mega doses and, think that has added to how horrible I am feeling.

    I am mega dosing....and I am a human experiment under doctor's supervision. LOL!

    However, I no longer chill/sweat at night, and have a remarkable feeling of wellbeing. I am not brain fogged at all and am now able to read and understand what I read.
    My feet are warm now and my body tempt. is normal in the mornings. In some ways I am doing much better. If it were not for the extreme exhaustion, I would be doing great. Some days I actually feel pretty good. ?????

    I'll let you know how I am doing.

    Let us all know how you are doing, too.

    I have cmv, hhv6, and to my surprise LYME!

    Best wishes,
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    Well, this is a tough question. There are so many pathogens and some are extremely difficult to test for. One hint which helped us was that the Famvir, which was given to me prior to facial surgery as a preventive measure, gave me a temporary complete remission. We suspected that a Herpes-Family Virus had reactivated. Sixty-seventy percent of us test pos. for HHV-6, so I wanted a TF which addressed both strains of that. The TF 200 was my choice. I also took the TF C because it targets so many pathogens, including Lyme.

    TF's which target specific pathogens will often cause the immune system to kill other pathogens too because of the increase in Natural Killer Cells.

    If you contact one of the Fibro and Fatigue Centers, you can ask which pathogens they test for.

    My doc and I also knew it was a mycoplasma infection which triggered my illnesses 14 years ago, so we tried the Doxycycline empirically and it worked. Now, there is a mycoplasma TF available from a subsidiary of this website for doctors only. Your doc has to order the mycoplasma TF. At the time, I didn't know about the mycoplasma TF and I'm not sure it was even available then.

    Other pathogens besides Lyme, mycoplasma, and HHV-6 which are the usual suspects in chronic infections are EBV, CMV, and Chlamydia. We are also suseptible to fungal/yeast infections.

    I have found that my electronic zapper nicely rounds out my treatment as it kills pathogens in the blood. Most chronic pathogens hide out in our cells and are forced into the bloodstream once they kill their host cells.

    In an ideal medical world, they would test us for all kinds of pathogens and infections. Unfortunately, most of us do not have insurance which would cover all this. Some have paid for their own testing. My docs and I have done really well with the empirical approach, so I continue my TF boosting every six weeks.

    I take probiotics, colostrum, and undenatured whey, all sold here, to try to build up my own immune system in between the boosts of TF's. Most of the things which cause chronic stealth infections in us are harmless in healthy people. If we can get our pathogen load down and get our immune systems healthy, things should pretty much take care of themselves.

    One last thing--I think the Heparin injections helped me immensely by getting rid of the fibrin where many pathogens hide out from the immune system.

    There are tests for most of these pathogens, some more accurate than others. I know the F&F Clinics draw a lot of blood and run a lot of tests. They might be the ones to check with. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie