does exercise help you? what do you do?

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  1. mamafurr

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    now that my insensitive brother brought this up, i would like advice on how to proceed. got the stretching one on the bed for upper back pain, which i have. lower back, neck, arms, feet, legs.....blah blah blah...suggestions? i also have and above ground pool, what about water therapy? what do i do?


  2. Nikki

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    But nothing too strenuous. I walk on my treadmill to warm up my legs . . . 10-20 minutes. I do stretches. There are some good stretching exercises in some of the Fibro books. I also have a Theracane I use for pressure point therapy. Last week I started water therapy. I think this is gonna work just fine. The water is 92 degrees and feels wonderful. If you can get your Dr. to order some water therapy, hopefully your ins. will pay for it. It wouldn't be a bad idea to go a few times (as little as 3 should do it). They'll give you an exercise routine you could then do in your own pool. There may be water exercises in one of the Fibro books, I don't know.

    If I don't do my exercises, my body gets so stiff and the pain becomes unbearable.

    Hope this helps..................sharon

  3. Mikie

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    Are the stretching and flexing exercises I got in physical therapy. Many find gentle Yoga is helpful. I got one of those huge balls and a video and like those exercises very much. I also like the gentle Pilates, but you have to be very careful with Pilates or you can injure yourself.

    Love, Mikie
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    thank you all..its late and the boys are gone...i'm gonna go float in the pool w/the noodles and look at the stars

  5. mamafurr

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    it's late...tried to get into the pool...knees deep on the ladder only ..too cool..ouch..

    anyway..can you be specific w/the maybe it's leg out, leg in.. any exact things i could do? ins prob won't pay for the instruction.

  6. Hippen

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    with simple stretching and flexing excercises. You can do many excercises without the jumping or bouncing effect. You can point and flex your feet while sitting in a chair while watching tv even. Just point your toes flex the muscle and release by pointing toes back towards you. Your arms can be done by holding them out to your side...and bending and straightening them slowly. Shoulder rolls make me feel good...just put your arms down at your side and roll just your shoulders forward and then backwards giving them a good stretch. Stand with your feet slightly apart and put your arms straight up over your head. Reach up with your right arm then your left arm then your right arm...etc. using a slow motion as you reach high into the sky. Neck stretches can be done standing or sitting...just bend your head forward then to the left ..then back...then to the right...etc. Do not roll the head around....bend it in a direction and hold for a few seconds then bend it in another direction and hold. One last exercise is good for the legs muscles. Stand with your feet slightly apart....about hip length apart...and bend your legs at the knees and straighten...bend and straighten...bend knees and straighten. Do all these excercises not push yourself. When you are finished with these excercises lay down on the floor on your back and stretch with your toes pointed and your hands above your head. Then you can sit up and pull your knees up as far as you can to your chest and give your legs a big hug and hold it for a few seconds and release do this several times to release your muscles. It will help if you play some soft music in the background while you are doing the stretching and flexing. I was once a certified aerobics instructor....hehehehe....not anymore...with this diagnosis!!!!!!!! These excercises are basically range of motion excercises to keep your muscles from getting really stiff. Once you get used to these excercises, maybe you can start doing some walking? Walking is great excercise...even if for a short distance.
    I hope this will help you get started...remember do not push at a comfortable pace. Love, Hippen
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    Pool water temperature, if it is too cool, your muscles will tighten up fiercely when you get in the water. That will cause you a problem--so find a solution to that first. (The pool I work out in is warmer than say the YMCA pools and lap swimming pool--although we have a lap for swimming--and is promoted as a "therapeutic pool.)

    Many of the great stretching exercises we use the side of the pool, so I don't know if you would want to hang on the side of your pool the same way.

    I find it impossible to describe an exercise, and have someone to be able to do it properly. Try a search on line as diagrams would help, also your local library.

    ALWAYS LAND FLAT FOOTED, not on your toes when you do the exercises, if your calves hurt after---that is a sign you forgot. ALWAYS hold your abdominal muscles in--think of a spot two inches below your belly button, pull that in to your spine first, (visualize that it really is at your spine) then take that same spot and lift it UP your spine and hook it on vertebrae and leave it there :) Not only will this help your abdominal muscles to become more flat but it will protect your back during exercising. So keep it this way the whole time

    Walking in the pool is good.

    The noodle is fun. But I wouldn't start out with it except to help you stretch. We use it to exercise our upper arms and chest, think of an upside down "U" hold it that way, then rhythmically in and out in every direction, underwater, out, overhead. The more underwater you hold the noodle, the more resistance. You can ride the noodle like a pony, great for the legs.

    Water is supportive. Some exercises seem easier, do not introduce too many at one time, keep the reps to a minimum, get your mind into your muscles, concentrate on them, try to figure out for instance what your hamstrings need, go slow, it you can hold onto the ladder or side of the pool and slowly walk your feet up the pool side. Feel the stretch in the hamstring, stop, hang, release all tension in every part of your body, only your hands should feel as though they are working, every other muscle should be relaxed, hang on the pool until your hamstrings relax.

    Don't overdo. Initially spend enough time between each exercise to evaluate the difference. You will become very in tune with your body. Have fun, consider pool time a treat! It is! Fondly, June

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    thank you for the long explanations.....really appreciate it as i know how hard it is sometimes just to write ONE sentence...:)

    i will try all of the above

    gonna go stretch now

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    I went to a physical therapist for about 6 visits to learn how to do stuff at home so I didn't have to pay so much for always being in PT. She helped me soooo much with the basic, simple, not too straining exercises. Wasn't tooooo horribly expensive but for what I did pay it was well worth it.
  10. Mikie

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    Insurance pays for physical therapy if the doc orders it. It is important to learn the proper breathing and form when exercising and it is critical for us. Talk to your doc.

    Love, Mikie