Does fibromyalgia have anything to do with excessive bruising?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pearls, Feb 21, 2003.

  1. pearls

    pearls New Member

    After warming my arm, my chiropractor did some deep tissue massage on it, followed by an ice massage. Later, he was very surprised to find that within 2 hours I had develped a huge, bright magenta-colored bruise where he had done the massage. At least, that's when I noticed it. I don't believe any of my meds include any blood thinners. My chiropractor didn't think my fibromyalgia had anything to do with it, but then he's not an expert on fibromyalgia.

    1) Have any of you had any experiences like this?

    2) Does anyone know of unexpected bruising associated with fibromyalgia?

  2. aprilhuque

    aprilhuque New Member

    I have never had your exact experience, but I sorely do understand about the bruising. If you just poke me, I bruise, in my arms, my legs, my butt, my feet!! I get bruised by wearing new tennis shoes, and I am always bumping into things and am a little accident prone in the house and at work! My teachers used to think that I was being abused, my massage therapist thinks there is something wrong with me, it alarms my MDs!

    ha ha ha, glad to share with you!
  3. pearls

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    I was just posting to the thread on Prednisone when I had an idea. Do you suppose my bruising described in the first paragraph of this thread could be caused by my earlier use of Prednisone? A few years ago, a several-months-long dosing with Prednisone (30 mg at the max) seemed to leave me with thin skin on my arms. I was forever bleeding from getting snagged on all sorts of things around my house and garden.

    Does anyone suppose that possible damage caused earlier by Prednisone might have left me predisposed to excessive bruising when my chiropractor did the deep tissue massage last week?

  4. pearls

    pearls New Member

    I've always been prone to bruising myself, actually. I also currently have a large bruise on my thigh where I've run into a piece of furniture several times at work.

  5. starstella

    starstella New Member

    sometimes a fairly large area, at different times during this illness. I had a large bruise on my arm once which occurred when my chiro used the activator. Sometimes I get a collection of bruises about 1/2 inch in diameter. I also go for long periods without any bruising. Cannot make much of a connection with what makes the bruising occur. I've never taken prednisone.
  6. Beth37

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    I have always bruised easy has far back as I can remember. Beth
  7. Combatmedic

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    I had five small bruises on my left forearm alone! several also on my legs, just from my little Pug dog Abby. First my doctor stared at them and kept saying....
  8. Combatmedic

    Combatmedic New Member

    .......if you use quotation marks in your post, it will end your post!
    Okay, so, first my doctor was baffled. Then she said, that's some kind of condition. Then she said, it's auto-immune. Then she said, you know, I wonder if this isn't all your illness.
    That's the answer she settled on.
    So, it's fibro, CFS, hypothyroidism etc

    I don't bruise all the time. Just in phases lasting anywhere from 6wks to three months.Always when my hair is also falling out---so, I tend to believe mine is due to my hypothyroidism---I'm no longer on medication for it.

  9. phenom

    phenom New Member

    yes, you read right, i never bruise! Well almost never. Maybe a few times a year i'll get something minor...but nothing like you are describing, and i get less than 'normal' people. bizarre.

  10. TKE

    TKE New Member

    called ITP that causes severe bruising. With ITP, my brother has it, the spleen kills all your blood platelets. This can cause internal bleeding. They tried steriods, & other super expensive IV treatments to the tune of $7000 a treatment! Good thing his insurance paid for it. His last resort was to have his spleen removed. Had it done about 2 years ago & he's doing fine.

    He had surgery on his hands & they ignored the fact that his platelet count was low. Next surgery 2 years later revealed even lower platelets. They ran tests & discovered he had ITP. Only indication was the severe bruising.

  11. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    I had a massage about 13 years ago and the exact same thing happened to me....a huge bruise where she had massaged. At the time, I thought she was really rough..but this brings it back in memory with your experience as maybe not..and I bruise really easily if I run into anything or fall down, etc.. but I wish I could afford massage today, since it is so relaxing....LOL, AMELIA
  12. kaths

    kaths New Member

    I get four or five bruises every times I see my acupuncturist, especially on my stomach and hands. Use arnica gel to speed up the multi-color phases, and they disappear fast. I have CFIDS.

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  13. LErdman

    LErdman New Member

    I also bruise very eisily. My Dr said he NEVER saw Knees like mine. I am on my knees alot trying to groom big dogs and to brush my own dogs.

    Glad someone mentioned this! I really bruise easily!
  14. fibolady

    fibolady New Member

    bumping into things, unknown origins, hand-held massage unit. the other day i used the massager and the next day had bruises on my upper thighs, huge.

    even had bruises line up and down my arm from no apparent reason, yellowish, how could i have done that?

    i think it is part of the fms, easily bruised. if i just knick something, you can be sure i will have a big bruise!

    warm regards, fibolady
  15. karen55

    karen55 New Member

    on the bottom of one foot. I was walking barefoot in my office Friday and stepped on an electrical cord that was lying across the floor. The bottom of my foot has 3 bright purple bruises on it. All I did was walk on the cord!