Does FM actually do damage to joints, muscles, etc.?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Ouch4017, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. Ouch4017

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    I've been doing so much research on FM because for myself, knowledge, support from my family, and this website are helping me make it thru. I feel like my FM is winning right now. I'm in my first year and still trying to adjust to a different lifestyle, and it's VERY hard sometimes. Lots of tears. Anyway, does FM do damage to muscles, soft tissue, joints etc.? I know it hurts very bad and I get swelling and discolored joints, but does it actually do permanent damage? I'm also confused as to if this is an autoimmune disease, rheumatic condition, arthritus, etc. Can anyone help me out here. It's funny, you get diagnosed, but so far no doctor out of about 15 have actually sat me down and explained what FM is and what to expect. Maybe because they don't know???
  2. mindbender

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    NO it doesn't cause permanent damage,... according to Doctors.

    I worried so much about this also, so I checked it out as much as possible.

    The bottom line, No, no permanent damage

    I'm also confused as to if this is an autoimmune disease, rheumatic condition, arthritus, etc.

    That of course was your question, I think it's a rheumatic condition, arthritus is a hole other issue but many of us have this also.

    Seems to me it is autoimmune and rheumatic.
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  3. Dodgechick26

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    Supposidly no...

    But We recently foundout that my mom has fibromyalgia too. She has osteoarthritis and osteoperosis now too.

    I wonder if all those years of muscles tighning, damaged her joints. And of course it is suggested that the body lacks magnesium or someting and to replace it takes the calcium from your bones. Makes you wonder! And she arthritis in her hips and knees, and the osteoperosis in her hip...suprise surprise.
  4. Dodgechick26

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    They classify it with the autoimmune disorders because your body is attacking itself, for some reason we are getting pain signals from our brain, that are in essence fake. Making us feel pain, when nothing is broken or damaged or being attack by cancer. Its the false signal that causes pain in the muscles and joints.
  5. clerty

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    so many questions !!!!
    well I want to is why I have been getting worse in the last 3 years I know there are problems with my immune system peole say it can get better through time I fail to see how !!!
  6. msgerman

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    i am seeing a new dr and he said that the arthritus and other bone and cartlidge and joint degeneration i have is because of the fm. he believes that fm is a disease of the nerves and is treating it as thus. i have to say i bend more towards his belief because after all the umpteen hundred thousand drs i have been to over the years he believes in me realizes how bad i am and it always appoligetic when he makes me cry because he touched to hard.anyone else have tmj also? goes along with it. i am slowly being eaten away.
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  7. clerty

    clerty New Member

    have got better and that is what I am sticking to it is my only hope I will live for today as for tomorrow who knows.

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