Does FM worsen over time...

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  1. AnnetClo

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    I've heard from some that it can and does worsen over the years but I've also heard that it doesn't. That the severity of your pain and limitations at the time of your diagnosis is what you will live with. I am so new to this and so frustrated and some depressed today. What do you guys think?

  2. AnnetClo

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    I've heard from some that it can and does worsen over the years but I've also heard that it doesn't. That the severity of your pain and limitations at the time of your diagnosis is what you will live with. I am so new to this and so frustrated and some depressed today. What do you guys think?

  3. karen2002

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    Annette---try to stay focused on today! Worrying about what may come in the future is futile, and only adds to disabling stress. If I look down the train track, 5 miles ahead, and I envision a locomotive bearing down on body and mind go into overdrive waiting for the wreck. You are stressing over something that may never happen.
    Not only that---but---this dd doesn't seem to have any norms. We all are very individual. I don't think one can make blanket statements concerning the course of this. What is true for one, doesn't always apply to another. Just take one day at a time---that is enough!

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    I think that even though FM is not supposed to be progressive, many of us would say that it FEELS progressive. I know I feel like I have longer flares & new symptoms seem to arise constantly. But I agree that you kind of have to live in the moment with this, and try not to look too far ahead, it's self-defeating. I'm trying more & more to not just note when I'm miserable, but try to note the better days, too.

    Hope you feel better & find some brighter days ahead--we all struggle to find those!

  5. Myth

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    FMS certainly progressed for me. The most apparent progession was in the symptoms, Chest pains and irritible bowel showing up much later than most of the symptoms, well after I was diagnosed. And my newest symptoms are skin related irritations. My fibro fog and fatigue have definately gotten worse over time. It is now affecting my studies and work. As for pain, that gets worse, then better, then worse..... Earlier on I developed certain coping strategies that worked for me, and as things got worse I needed to compensate in different ways. Each new symptom brings with it its own little problems that we have to figure out how to deal with. But certainly we do not all share the same symptoms, nor will we all get worse. I guess it depends on our bodies tolerances. One thing is for certain, I do not think about it getting worse from here on, I think about managing it now and hopfully improving upon how I feel now. But if it does get worse, I will deal with it and develop a new way to cope, and re-organize my life once more.
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    I have had fms for about 9 years. The first couple of years were extremely tough. After coming to terms with this illness, I noticed an enormous change with my symptoms, flares(all for the better). Unfortunatley that didn't last to long. I am worse now than I've ever been. I have also had 2 ceserean sections with my pregnancies. Maybe the stress of a major surgery and the stress of having to young children could be the reason. My worst are was my chest, and now it's my lower ribs, back, neck and alot more fatigue. Not only do I have more symptoms but my flares last for months at a time. Hope this information has helped some what.

    God bless
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    Hi it did worsen for me. I had fibro for years, and each year i have more flare-ups that last longer. But I do have a few goods days that I cherish. I take one day at a time in order to deal with fibro. I make the most out of my good days then chill on bad days. I have started taking meds for pain only on the worst days, other than that keep informed, rest, keep active when u can. I'am disabled so I can stay home where I can go at my own speed. You have good and bads days, make the most of your good days. God Bless U

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  8. Dara

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    yes it gets worse and the years go. I have read in several of the FM books that it does not, but I have to disagree with that opinion. Maybe it's as we get older we aren't as resilient (spelling??) as we are when we are younger. I am 56 and have had it off and on since teen age years. But about two years ago it started getting worse and as I have gotten older it's much harder to force myself to keep going when the pain is really bad. Also, the other side affects that seem to accompany it have gotten worse, like the IBS, acid reflux, insomnia, pain in the morning, intolerance to cold weather, etc....

  9. dlizard

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    I don't think we will ever get the medical community to agree with us but I've had this disease since childhood and it is cyclical and it definately gets worse with age! I have far more symptoms now than ever and I agree that with age it is harder to get up from flares.... so my answer is YES emphatically!!!!! Good luck!
  10. Wuame

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    I'm 46 & had FMS ever since I can remember, very early childhood. No dx until 1999 tho. Over the years, my symptoms have definitely gotten different, more & worse overall. Could be age, could be traumatic incidents triggering it (FMS is believed by many to often be started by traumatic incidents; I'm convinced this was the case with me).

    I don't think that means it inevitably gets worse tho. The more I deal with traumatic incident stress and take care of my body, the better I get, tho I have a long way to go.

    Take Care

  11. Annette2

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    Nice to meet you Annette. I've had FMS for about 5 years now. I think mine has gotten worse. I have more pain, and more fatigue. Maybe it's because we're so aware of every change in our bodies, but it also seems the flares come faster and last longer. As someone said, we have to take one day at a time. Getting depressed over what can happen tomorrow only puts our bodies in a more stressful state.

  12. klutzo

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    With a lot of discipline and hard work, my FMS has gotten much better, BUT my MVPS and POTS have gotten worse and now the neurological stuff is the thing keeping me from working. I actually think I am managing the pain well enough to work. I can't give all the credit to my exercise program, etc. because the biggest improvement occured with menopause. I wish the same for those of you who haven't gone through it yet. The darkest hour was just before dawn though, as my symptoms got worse during perimenopause.
  13. JannyW

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    In my case, I was diagnosed with FMS in l982 after years of misdiagnosed lower back problems, had relatively mild symptoms after going on anti-inflamatory meds and remained symptom-free for over 10 years. I was also very active and actually went off the meds after about a year & a half. In the last 2 years, the pain has returned and has steadily gotten worse, to the point where I have some degree of pain daily. On a good day, I can take a shower & maybe run an errand or two.

    Everyone is different. Not everyone will have the same symptoms or the same response to treatments. Learn as much as you can, find out what works best for you, and don't compare yourself to anyone else -- we are all unique!

    Jan ^v^
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    Annette- I rarely post,I am more of a reader but when I saw your post I really felt like I should respond.I agree with the others to take things as they come,and to deal with one day at a time.I try to do this and most of the time I can,but I must admit that sometimes I do think of my future with Fibro.Im 27 now and I have had FM since I was 20.I am still considered a "young woman"(even though I don't feel like it!)Really,isn't it normal for a young woman or for anyone actually,to think about their future life on this planet?? I refuse to dwell on it,but sometimes it gets me really really down AND it scares the s--t out of me.Usually when I get in that space I stay there for a few days.I consider it my "mourning" time,for the past,present AND future.Then I just get through it and I am ready to keep fighting and learning and coping and researching.This seems to just be the cycle of my life right now and I try to just accept it as that.Maybe someday it will change,or perhaps this will be for the rest of my life.As far as the progression of FM goes-it has definately gotten worse for me.It has spread,my symptoms are more intense,my pain is increasing,and I seem to be developing more symptoms at a rapid pace.I didnt think that this would happen when I first developed FM.This illness has taught me many things and the greatest one of all is to appreciate every little tiny thing that I can.Always carry hope with you,no matter how hard it gets.Even if you arent feeling it,remember that it is just hiding in you until it can come out again.All my best wishes-