Does healthy Eating reduce pain levels?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by DeborahHutchby, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. DeborahHutchby

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    I've had chronic fibro for 2 over years and have been in agony daily and reduced to staying in bed for over 15 hours a day. I put on lots of weight during this difficult time but decided last Sept to go on a diet/healthy eating regime. I am cutting down and eating lots of fruit and veg, not much fat etc etc. Slowly the pain has reduced and I am now feeling quite a bit better. I need less time in bed and can go a decent walk daily with my dog. I have lost 40 lbs too. Do you think this is the reason for feeling a bit better or is it increased drug levels (lyrica, cymbalta) or even going into a kind of remission? I feel very optimistic about the future now but also terrified the pain may return to previous levels.

    Love and hugs to everyone out there!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx
  2. Lolalee

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    Enjoy the fact that you feel a little better and that you have lost quite a bit of weight...that is wonderful!!!! Fear creates stress and that will only harm you. Take one day at a time. If your pain comes back, deal with it them. It is probably a combination of things that is making you feel better. For me, the foods I eat play a big part in how I feel. I don't eat sugar, caffeine, alcohol, MSG, Aspartame, white flour or processed foods of any ice cream, very little dairy. I have never tried Lyrica but a lot of people on this board have had positive results.

    Blessings to you and I pray that you continue to feel better and better each day. Lolalee
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    I'm so glad you posted this becuase I've been wondering the same thing. Also, I'm glad to hear you're feeling better and definitely hope it continues. I started eating healthier only 2 wks. ago and can already see a difference in terms of energy. My pain is still there, but it feels like a miracle to feel like doing even the simplest of things again. I worry that it is only the increased drug levels because I don't start to feel better until my 2nd Tramadol at lunch time. I don't know what to think either and fear (big time) it won't continue. We'll hope & pray, though.
  4. matthewson

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    I went off of sugar and just ate fruits, veg. and meat and tried to watch other carbs for a week and I have to tell you, my pain level went way down!

    I have since been having a few sweets here and there and my pain level is back up. I think it does really make a big difference, although sugar can be hard to give up. It is SO addictive! And people think narcotics are addictive! I can take them or leave them, but SUGAR!! Now that is a tough one to give up!

    Take care, Sally

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