Does Humidity Cause Weight Gain For You? Please Share

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ksp56, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. ksp56

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    Along with all body parts hurting, I have noticed my weight increased by 5 pounds this past week. I'm even on Weight Watchers! The humidity has been horrible for over a week.

    I've stayed on track, WW wise and have had no changes in meds, etc... I use or eat food, with mimimal salt.

    Due to the CF and now the fibro, plus the extra fatigue I have since almost dying in February, my exercise is limited. I was still able to lose weight slowly...

    In the main scheme of life, this is very minimal, I do realize.

    Thanks for sharing..



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  2. caffey

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    I retain fluid when it is humid. Feel so bloated.It is temporary. You haven't done anything wrong. Just one of the joys of summer. Also stiffen up and can hardly move. Just learn to go with the flow and cut out the salt.
  3. ksp56

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    Thank you for replying. Not only do I hate the scales (LOL), but the havoc it wreaks on our bodies! Grrrr!

    I'm glad my theory was not all a figment of my mind. Many things are some days! LOL

    Have an enjoyable day and new week!

  4. yellowstrawberry

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    I also went to weight watchers.It is a good program because you can eat more of the things you like.Years later I can still remember the points of many foods I eat.

    This is something I was told when I moved to Florida.When you feel hungry always drink something (preferably water)before you eat.A lot of times we are thirsty and we confuse it with hunger.

    I think this would especially be true when it is humid.I have used this suggestion and it is amazing how often I am just thirsty.I found it interesting,so I thought I would share it with you.