Does it always take so long to get meds?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MaMaZ, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. MaMaZ

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    I was diagnosed in late May, early June. Doc did a sleep study as well. On machine now with severe sleep apnea since end of June.. still exhausted... going Friday for followup visit. Hoping he will go forward with the xyrem rx. He gave me the video last visit last month. Suppose to help with the pain as well as give me much needed sleep.

    So I guess my question is this if this central pharmacy dispenses this drug how long from the time the doc prescribes it do you get it. Will I just start taking it or will it reqire yet another sleep observation? What about supplements for treating fibromyalgia? Any suggestions?

    Also on one of the threads I saw a huge amount of drugs that people are on and I am wondering what all these are for? I currently don't take anything but tylenol(which does nothing) and iron for anemia. Does anyone else have issues walking? My legs, ankles, hips and knees just don't work like they use too. I have seriously wanted to stop walking at times because it hurts so bad. but I know logically that that would be the wrong thing to do, so i keep going. I think working on concrete for 20 years has created major issues too in my joints. Arthritis.

    Sometimes I feel like one of those little kids toys you put on an incline and it keeps moving just because its on the incline. And thats ok if I can deal with the pain.

    Does anyone get swelling in their joints too? My ankles and knees swell so bad by days end that it killsme to move. No redness though. Just swelling to the point you see no bones. Is this part of fibromyalgia too? Should I request a water pill or something?
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    MamaZ: I started with this doc in March and 2 months later was my first dose with xyrem. First, he tried other meds for sleep: ambien, trazodone, klonipin, flexeril. When they didn't work, I had to back off them all before starting on Xyrem, taking about a week.
    So, if I remember correctly, the time from the doc agreeing I should try xyrem to taking the first dose was about 2-3 weeks.
    It shouldn't take a long time to get going on it.
  3. MaMaZ

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    Well still not getting the sleep he wants me to have...(boy I feel a little relieved... atleast we agree..I am so tired.) He also put in the order for the xyrem. Starting slow and working up to the recommended dosage. Now have to wait to see if insurance co will cover it. I hope so. Even though I am very apprehensive about taking it I am going to try it. I am hopeful this will help me get some much needed rest. If it doesn't I just don't know how I am going to keep my current routine of working full time. I would love to cut back or not work but the bills make it impossible at the moment. So I sure hope the xyrem helps with the sleep as well as the horrible pain. Thanks for info. I am sure I'll probably have a ton more questions.. I hope I don't become a pest to everyone! ~Mary
  4. You need to demand pain relief.I can't believe you are dealing with this illness withou any relief. I get relief with methadone and there is stil pain. So please get to a doctor who will help[ yu live a better life.Also anti deppresants do help because of the serotonin levels of people with this illness can be low and it contributes to pain Ruthie
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    Thanks Ruthie, I think I have lived in denial too long. I am changing personal doctors asap. After the last visit to him and I gave him the sleep dr. diagnosis of fibro and he told me he doesnt put much faith in a fibro diagnosis.... " its a catch all diagnosis..." as he refered to it. So on Monday I am going to schedule an appointent with a new doc that has been refered to me who BELIEVES fibro is real and will treat my symptoms. Not that I want to be on a bunch of meds but if that is what it takes to get some relief I'll do what is necessary.

    My chiropractor just sent me for xrays on Friday to see if the pain in my shoulder is a torn rotator cuff. And also my hip which has pain so bad that I am now limping around. It may just be arthritis but it could be from a fall I had this past spring. Or it could all be the fibromyalgia too. So I should know more next week when I go back to her.

    Someone mention they take calcium and magnesium for pain... what dosages I wonder... ANY suggestions?

    Thanks Mary
  6. Lolalee

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    I'd love to read your post but it's very difficult for me and most of us to read a long post without paragraph breaks.

    Would you please put some paragraph breaks in your post?

    BTW, that is a fabulous picture of you and your hubby. Looks like a cruise shot.


  7. MaMaZ

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    hope the new doc is taking new patients... will find out on Monday.

    Thanks Lolalee- I had seen the post about paragraph breaks and figured it might have been me you all were talking about. I did edit the above post... so I hope that helps a bit.

    The pic in the profile is from our cruise a few years ago... hair is gray now and I feel a lot older now...(maybe another cruise would help me feel

    I will do a search about dosing for vitamins too.

    Thanks. It's nice to know I am not alone. I am debating using a cane but still feeling a bit embarrassed to admit I need it. I guess that is a vanity or a humility issue I need to deal with. thing at a time... pace myself.

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