Does it get better...thank you

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    I wanted to thank all or you who have responded to my first message. I have tried to reply back to each of you individually and I seem to not be able to, it just goes back to my original message that I am replying to. I guess I need a letter help with the system, any suggestions?

    I would really like to resond to my replies, I am sorry I haven't but I am happy to see the caring and the similarities of the friends on the message board. I will try to do a profile soon, in the next few days. I have only been able to read a few replies so far just because of lack of time, but I am excited to read them, and to now have a place where I can go to talk to a friend. I'll be back soon.

    Thank you so much.

    One big hug to you all!
    warm wishes, Jody
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    I have periods of time where I feel pretty good. Then I have times where I'm having a horrible exacerbation of my FMS symptoms, usually due to stress or overworking. Im still having one for about 2 months now, secondary to a job I had to give up because of this illness and my 39 year old sister being EXTREMELY ill & flying to another coast to assist her for a month.

    As far as the posts go...I read, respond as long as I can. I rarely have a day that I can even get through page one. Everyone here just understands because we do walk in the same shoes. So, don't let it bother you if you're not able to respond or keep up. Don't put that pressure on yourself. Just sit back and enjoy the comraderie. dolsgirl
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    I don't think I welcomed you to the board? If not, then a big welcome to you.

    Jody, do not stress yourself about answering each post separately, it can be almost impossible sometimes. Just give a broad answer to all the posts in one. Thats what almost everyone does.

    To answer your question, some of us seem to get better, we also go into remissions, I had a few that lasted a year in length. Lately, for the last year, I have been as close to normal as I have been in many years. I take mainly supplements, as I am allergic to most drugs.

    Its a matter to find out by trial and error what works for you. We all seem to be different with treatment. What works for some, does nothing for others.

    Glad you are enjoying the board, and looking forward to hearing from you often.

    Again, welcome to our world.

    Shalom, Shirl
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