Does it really take two yrs to get ssd??

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  1. Carlacat

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    I just called a lawyer who deals with this stuff and they yold me to flie right away even thou all my dx havent come in yet because it will take two years for it to go thru. They also get 25% for costs. Does this sound right or should I shop around??? Thanks
  2. Carlacat

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    I just called a lawyer who deals with this stuff and they yold me to flie right away even thou all my dx havent come in yet because it will take two years for it to go thru. They also get 25% for costs. Does this sound right or should I shop around??? Thanks
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    to take almost 2 years to get a favorable decision from SSD..I know mine took pretty close to atleast 11/2 yrs & I even got a lawyer after my first denial..My lawyer got a total of $4,000 and I had almost 4yrs of back pay..I don't know how it is when you don't get much back pay..See, I had orginally filed in Jan. '90, & when I was denied, I just thought the H*** with it..Then after I attempted to work again, and couldn't, I filed again in Oct.'92, after first rejection in Feb.'93, I got a lawyer and finally got the approval in May of '94..Most lawyers that deal with SSD only get anything if they recover for you..Is it that way with the lawyer you have..If not, I would SURELY dump him quick..If I remember correctly, my Lawyer did not give me a %, it was just a flat fee if he recovered for me..
    Hope I was of some help.........Take Care........
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    They said it would be 25% but would not be over 5300.00. I was debating on wheather to try filing by myself or go ahead and get a lawyer right off. Witch would you suggest? I thought 2 yrs was a long time but I dont know much about this kind of thing..Thanks for replying..
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    Why don't you get started and try on your own..From my understanding (& that's what my lawyer told me); you will probably get denied the first time, with or without a lawyer..So if it were me, I would contact SS and get the ball rolling and see what happens..Are your Drs. behind you here 100%..You can always get a lawyer if you are denied..But right now, the important thing is to call or go to your local SS office and get the papers and everything started.........
    Take Care...........Donna
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    Carla - I was approved for SSD the first time I applied. I went down to the local SS office in May of 2000 and explained to them what I was applying for and the illnesses that I had. They set me up with a phone interview for a couple of days later. Everything went pretty quickly for me. I was sent forms to fill out as was my husband and also friends that knew me well. I also had to go to one of their doctors for an evaluation. I was approved in December of 2000. So, the whole process for me only took 6 months. I also received back pay and receive money for my children each month in addition to my check.

    I had heard all the horror stories about the whole process also. I was told by friends that have FMS that I would be turned down and should hire a lawyer. I, personally, did not want to involve a lawyer because I knew that they would take a % of my SSD. I think it all boils down to what you say in your paperwork. I also had been to so many doctors over the past 6 years that there was more than enough documentation on file. I think that the people that are turned down time after time may forget to put down every doctor they have seen and also may not put down every single ailment they have. You have to be forceful with your words when filling out all the paperwork so that when your case worker reads it they think "Wow, this person is really having a bad time of it!"

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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    I know you are discouraged. But I have been all over the internet and read just about all I could find on how long it takes. There are people who have gotten it in as little as 120 days and people it has taken years for them. The one thing that I find consistent is the fact that it all is in how well your paperwork is in order and the way that it is worded. Not so much as an illness they are looking for but on your symptoms and how they are disabling. In other words there is a right way to do the paperwork and a wrong way. I have a place that you can go that offers loads of information on how to fill out the paperwork the right way.
    Go to and then click on groups and type in
    disinissues-L you have to join the group it is free and it is loaded with info.
    Hope this helps!

    Soft hugs!
    Teresa :)
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    You can go ahead and fill out your claim and get started without a lawyer. But when you fill this paperwork out
    you better make it good. If you say you can do the least little thing on these forms they will say you are able to work. How you are doing mentally will play a bigger role than FM or CFS. It just goes back really to this is all in your mind. Of course we know that it's not but you better take it any way you can. I filed my first claim in March 2001. I still haven't gotten a favorable decsion. I have now filed a 2nd claim that seems to be going better. But I know more of how to word it or how to act than I did the 1st time. Good Luck!!
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    a great doctor that told us what to do and he woiuld be the doctor of treatment and he was use to doing it. How are you supose to give a DX to SSDI when you don't have one yet. You need the doctor to back you and all the tests etc. and a DX. Is this lawyer one that knows all about FMS/CFS? There is one on the home page here you can e-mail and ask. Or even call. We never needed a lawyer just the doc and all the records and tests like sleep study showing Alphia waves nonrestorative sleep and others. If you don't have all the info yet how can you put down all that you have done to help the condition and tests PT,etc? The doctor told us to use your worst day senerio on the forms.

    Hope this helps, Kim and Gary
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    I've heard that usually people do get turned down the first time. I think it has alot to do with making sure that your doctor and his staff are documenting all of what you're telling them & him too. They have to have it in black and white. Your chart is a legal document. Make sure they treat it as such! I'd wait on the lawyer and just get the info in and if rejected, do it again, right away. If you get turned down a second time, I'd shop around for a lawyer that specializes in it. Good luck. dolsgirl
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    I was DX by a rhuemortory doc but I also have three other docs saying besides that I have some other things going on. I have to go for some more tests in Cleveland Spt 24 and maybe I'll know the FULL dx. Sorry I didnt explain that sooner. I called SS yesterday and I have a phone interview Oct 7.