Does it sound like FIBRO???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by reckabek, Jun 15, 2006.

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    Hi, I didn’t think it was much of a big deal, but I wanted to tell you what’s up. I have been a chronic basically back pain patient for several years now; I have been in and out of therapy, and on and off many different meds to help.

    The Doctors never could find anything in MRI's and stuff. We figured posture issues. I also battle mental issues. I recently 2 weeks ago went off all my meds, which I hadn’t been on very long, Lamictal and Paxil.

    But like a week later, I started with an all over body ache, like I walked up a mountain for hours and then tumbled down, getting the areas not worked from walking. I never experienced this before, in all my painful days. The all over pain lasted for several days, but with what seems to be a migrating more severe pain, at first it was in my THIGHS, and then a few days latter that lighted some and went to CALVES, at that point I was having a hard time motivating, especially getting up and down.

    At this time I seen Dr. for a physical where, he assured me it was in my head, but the pain was and is real. At that time I got a second opinion from my mother (which is a PHARM REP and has a BA in NURSING) she seemed a bit concerned and has been encouraging me to take ALEVE and Tylenol, which helped ease the throbbing burning pain for ohhh about 2 hours. Since then the pain is pretty much gone in the legs but has become more intense in the BACK, and arms, neck shoulder area. At first achy, now it feels pinched, and extremely uncomfortable. It is the whole back. It shoots down arms and legs at times, and I up the back of head.

    This is nothing I am not used to, for this is what I have been treated for before, but it was in a lot more of an isolated area, not all over. I wasn’t sure if it was a side effect from ending my meds (which I have done several times and never has any side effects) or if something else is going on. My mother said if it is getting better in some areas maybe it’s getting ready to leave, maybe my body is under extreme stress, cause tenseness.

    Anyways, my friend has Fibromialgia and said that’s what I have, and it is exactly what she goes through. As she said this it made me it? Is the pain I’ve been going through the last few yrs from this? And the mental issues...I read up on it, and it surely sounds right, I tested the points and from what I could tell they where tender...

    I’m not sure if DR.. would want to also test them, agree or want to send me else where... But if it was FIBRO it surely would answer a lot of my past issues that confused me. And I would know for sure, and what to do to help it. I'm not sure what to do, and I know I'm no DR. but I was wondering what anyone thinks, and how hard it is to diagnose, or rule out this as an issue, and I know keeping track of the pain is a big sign. Thanks for your help, Rebecca
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    But please go abck and click onto EDIT (under your name on the side of your posting).....and do paragraphs.

    Like many here we can not read it otherwise. Makes eyes hurt and everything runs together.

    I am sure that you did not realize it.

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  3. reckabek

    reckabek New Member

    Is that what u ment?? I hope so thanks!!! beck
  4. pirtpain

    pirtpain New Member

    I tried going off my meds once and never intend to do it again!! My fibro started in my neck, shoulders and back. The pain came long before it went into a full blown

    illness. It took about 3 bad yrs. before I was diagnosed. I think you may have fibro, but agree with others that you need to find a good medical team for an accurate dx. I would find a rheumatologist that understands the disease.

    Sometimes even they do not understand it. I don't know what mental problems you have but alot of us go to phychiatrists for our anti-depressants, as depression is a given with FM. You may want to check into it too.

  5. reckabek

    reckabek New Member

    Yeah i am really thinking I do also, and need the Dr's assurance, or turn down. I know this all recently could be from coming off of meds, But that doesnt explain the last 5 yrs w/o meds that i have also been in pain. Have vetigo regular, back shoulder and neck pain...with no explination as to why. I am going to call my DR tomorrow. to have him refer me to a specialist...thanks..and anymore imput is very welcome
  6. reckabek

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    Did I also mention, I have TMJ, also. the last few days my pains seemed to be migrating and felt like they where going to be gone soon, but this morning I woke w/ leg tenderness again. I'm not sure whats up...yes like i sadi it could be LACK'O"med related, but looking back, ive had all this without meds, except the all over body aches..usuallly its confinded to a certian area....SO yes i have TMJ, MIGRAIN and regualr headaches, Back pain almost daily, shoulder doubt got that...among other issues we wont just seems there is no other explination but this....As much as i dont want to have "anything" it would be so relieving to have an ANSWER to the past yrs of unexplain pain. and if i do got it, i will be mighty upset that not a single DR or therapist thought.... ive seen chiro's, theripist, psychotherapy, many DR's, pain management, hosptials, ive been injected at spots in my body, i became dependant on Vicodin, ive become more LOONEY, i cant work without any drugs...i have to wear a shoulder brace, which ends up ripping my rotator cuffs....all w/o any reason why. nothing showing up on MRI's nothing. well, thanks again for any input...beck
  7. reckabek

    reckabek New Member

    Thank you so much, Did u have to go to a GP before they recomended u to a specialist? Cause i have a GP apt next wed. Im afraid he'll tell me again, we will watch it, its in your head...or not believe in FIBRO>...i dont know how to speak up for myself. so im afraid ill be hitting the exit unanswered AGAIN...well let me know..thanks again, beck
  8. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    it sounds like fibo .Mine feels like a deep burning in the muscle .like what we use to call Indian burns when we were kids .

    It never goes away.Then there is pressure points that hurt like a bruse and then another layer of pain that is a ache flu like pain.

    I explain it that I have layers of pain if that makes any sence.somedays I'll have them one at a time but most days I have them all together.
  9. reckabek

    reckabek New Member

    All i know is today, i feel like i ripped my arm, in the rotator cuff area ,it has shooting pains, my back is burning....all over, the whole upper half of me from waist up doesnt seem to be getting any better. usually i have pain meds, but since it kinda subsided(the intenseness)i havent been seen by a DR for about a year. so i only have OTC meds..and they suck. ive been taking 1 aleve, and 2 xtrastregnth will lessen the intenseness for about 2 hrs. Well thanks again for all and any imput....beck
  10. reckabek

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    Oh and another thing, so i dont tell the whole story, I have chronic un explained pain, but when evaluated, I am fully mobile, i can bend and move just fine...And if they ask does it hurt here, Yes it is tender, but oh how it feels good being touched...I feel the most comfort when im laying down or being rubbed. It doesnt hurt me when people touch me, it feels good. tender, but good...its not like a nerve ending pain, where a slight wind blowing sparks a Unbearable pain through the body. I have felt that before, like lately, I went to push some water down the drain w/ foot and MY god, it killed, like a super sesitive nerve ending...felt like I had a HUGE cut on my foot..that u put alchohol onto...but didnt have anythign but a perfectly healthy foot. but this kind of pain is not the norm for me, just a musclular, pinched nerve pain...that burns, shoots, and feels like i need to stretch and i do 24/7...cant ever be comfortable. i crack alot too...lots of popping going on. well had to tell the helf i didnt...let me know what u think now!!!! thanks again, beck
  11. reckabek

    reckabek New Member

    im not sure i could be that assertive,,,i will try tho...even tho i can tend to be a hypocondriact and OBSESS, I truely think Fibro, could be the answer to my yrs of pain. I must say it would almost upset me if i found out that it wasnt fibro. May i ask once a DR, test the tender points, and reviews your history and decides no u dont have it, does that mean u dont have it??? thanks again for the support...please anymore feedback will help me tremedously!!! beck

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