Does long-term use of pain meds make pain worse?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by IgotYou, Sep 16, 2003.

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    Last time I had a flare I didn't know I had FM. I was taking 3 ibuprofen every 4 hours around the clock. This flare is worse, but now that I have acid reflux I'm not supposed to take ibuprofen anymore. I have been taking ultram, but my doctor told me to take just one pill every six hours. When he gave it to me a month ago, I was doing fine with one per day. Now I'm taking them around the clock, and sometimes I give in and add 2 ibuprofen to it because otherwise I can't keep working. I keep thinking this flare is the worst ever and it can't get any worse, but every day it's worse. I see some of you on things like oxycontin and even morphine and it scares me to death. Does using pain relievers like this make the brain even less able to deal with pain, so that the pain continues to increase as time goes by? Should I grit my teeth, so to speak, and avoid using my ultram unless I have a migraine? Help!
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    Some days I have to take Vicodin around the clock. Other days I can go without any except at bedtime or maybe a half tablet. I think stress, weather and many other factors play into how you feel painwise - or at least that is what I've found. I haven't found that I am seeing an increasing need. I know my brother is on oxycotin and really has problems when he is out - but he doesn't have FMS but some other condition which slips my mind right now.

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    Pain meds like Oxy or Morphine do not make your pain worse over time. I have been on narcotic pain drugs for 5 years and have not noticed any more pain. The narcotic drugs are easier on your liver and your health than ibuprofen or tylenol.If doctors would be honest with you they will tell you the same thing.

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    Hi ,
    Iv Been taking Oxxi sense last Nov, Its Given me my life back, And It Did Scare me to death ,When My Dr. Suggested it , It took me a week ,before I took it ,, It does not increase my pain, Altought , When I'm out ,I fill bad pain, I beleave it's becuse ,It works so well when I'm on it,
    My Dr. Informed me By Law if A dr does not Help releave you'r pain, (you can sue them}So Get Some Help, Iv Alway's Beleaved no one should be in pain,That's not to say oxxi
    takes all my pain away , I still have pain , But Pain I can live with
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    If it weren't for my Vicodin's, before I was put on them, nothing worked, and I had many bad reactions, till a Doctor finally gave me an script.

    I had 4 Operations in a 3 year period, and I suffered from Pain, that I thought would drive me Crazy. I had very Lousy Doctor's, Who not only messed me up, during the surgeries, but them turned around and said that I didn't want to get well, that I just wanted Drug's.
    Your Darn right. I wanted my Pain to Stop. and My pain Meds are just that. Drug's are what you get on the street.
    Some people are forced to do that, when the Doctor's fail them.

    I left Idaho, the Hubby, family, and Friends, who had already, Physically left me, to move back to Ca. The first Dr. I saw, put me on the Vicodins, and I almost cried, because finally, I had some relief.

    Been 7 year's, and altho my Pain Load has gotten higher, I'm still coping with taking the Vicodin's, but I also take Soma and Vistril with them.

    Now I don't work, had to close my Photography Business, so I can take these med's and not worry about having to work, or be out in the Public. They can make you very Groggy at first, but with time, there seems to be a balance, between my Pain, the Meds, and other Various Treatment's, that I do.

    I don't just Depend on the "Pills", I also excerise, stay as active as I can. I walk, read, do some housework every day, I couldn't do it, without my Med.s.

    So for me they are a Blessing, I wouldn't be afarid of them, because you really do need to get on Top of your Pain, in order to have any kind of a life. That's been my Experience, hope this will be helpful to you also.

    You might want to try the Vicodins without the Soma, the 500's are the best Place to start. I was at that dosage for years.
    But recently, due to Cervical Stenosis and DDD of the C4/5/6, that they Won't operate on, I have had to go to the 750's. I am about to see a Pain Doc. Hoping for something else to help me to Stay active.


    Long winded today, sorry, ;o)
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    I was told by my Doc to up the muscle relaxers and then maybe I could take less pain meds and I almost went crazy--I was at the stage again of not functioning--I've been off work and a test case since Feb.1997 so I've been there and back---