Does Methadone work for you?

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    When I was first diagnosed with FM my Pain Management Doctor prescribed me Oxycontin, Flexeril and Neurontin. Then all the "Warnings" started coming out about Oxy ... how addictive it was, how much it was being abused, sold,etc. and suddenly there was pressure put on Pain Docs to stop prescribing it. Personally, I think that a small group of "Wackos" that were selling & abusing it really hurt the people who genuinely NEEDED it! Soooo... like a lot of other Doctors, mine decided to switch me to Methadone instead of the Oxy. I really didn't notice much of a difference at fist (probably because the Oxy was still in my system) but weeks later my pain level went through the roof! My Doc upped the dosage and added Lorcet for breakthrough pain and I just had to learn to live with that. I have now been taking Methadone for almost 1 1/2 years and I could swear that it is just a "Sugar Pill" !! It's not helping me much at all and I have begged my Doc to switch me back to Oxy, or at least something stronger, and he told me he was going to stop using Oxy and that the Methadone worked just as well! I DO NOT agree & I don't know WHAT to do now!! Have any of you had a similar experience with Methadone? Does it work for you?

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    about getting off of the methadone! I was on methadone for a few years. At first it was a god-send. I only had to take it every 8 hours and it did take a lot of the pain away. But, eventually, I had to start taking it more often,until I was taking it every four hours and wasn't helping the pain much at all anymore, but I was addicted, and withdrawals were unbearable if I was even a little bit late in taking my dose! I finally was able to get off of it by taking MS-contin (morphine)- a slow transition. Actually I was trying a variety of drugs to see if any would help the pain.
    Even the morphine doesn't help! But, at least, I'm not addicted to the methadone anymore. That really scared me, because I'm not an addictive type of personality and didn't want to start now! I hope this helps you some. Please try something else. Maybe the morphine would work for you.

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    I too am on methadone,10mg 2x's a day.At first it was also a godsend to me ,but now it hardly controls my pain.I know it thou if it is not the first thing I do in the morning .I can't get outta bed.I have actually had ppl tell me thats whay I can't get outta bed,but what they don't know is b4 my doc put me on methadone,I couldn't get outta bed either,so when I could I thought it was the greatest thing in tha world,I even held down a physically draining brand new,still under construction homes in the price range of 300-600 thou,I couldn't do it now for all the money in the world.I have been a hairstylist/Barber for 17 yrs an a gr8 1 at that<Snicker>I want to go back,an I feel being i'm considered self employed,it will be easier for me to take off when i don't feel well.Not like being on a schedule.....But I'm afraid,I don't think I can do it on a consistant I don't wanna fail or let my Husband down....I want to help him right now not drain him.My doctor is not happy about uping my dosage an to be honest neither am I.Addiction VS. pain does not concern me anymore.....I would rather deal with having to take whatever or as much as it takes to make me functional,Then to keep letting this disease get the bedda of me!!!!!......BTW.....How much Methadone are u taking daily?Blond
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    I was on Methadone for about a year and it did wonders for me!! I wish my PM doctor would put me back on it! I felt great and was able to do what ever I wanted when ever! I did take Vicodone for the break through pain but I thought it worked great for me and when I did get off of it, I had to change doctors, closer to my house, I went cold turkey from it, I felt bad for a few days, like I had the flu but I feel like that every day but was not bad at all! I take Oxcy now and I dont think it works all that great, im only taking 10mg. total 20mg. aday, but ive heard all this great stuff about Oxcy and im still waiting for the great stuff to happen??
    Hope everything works out for you.