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  1. fawng

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    Hi Everyone, just joined the group today, this is my second
    post. My question is does anyone know if fm can be linked to MS. I ask this question because my mom has MS and I see MS mentioned on this board alot.
  2. fawng

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    thanks for everyone's help, my mom has had ms for 35 years, she has been in a nursing home since I was six. I am going through being diagnosed with FM I was just wondering if my FM could be related to her MS (passed on some how)
  3. mrdad

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    Hello! I have not read the research study on CFS and MS. Is it saying that ALL CFS and MS is caused by a Parainfluenza Virus?? I'm confused (as usual). Thanks.
  4. lenasvn

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    Apparently a good is supposed to be able to tell the difference between the bands of CFS and MS. There are some who are not that good at it. They say it has to do with the shape of the bands.
  5. hopeful4

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    Hi fawng,
    Welcome! Yes, FM has many overlapping symptoms with MS, as does Lyme Disease, and many people diagnosed with FM or MS, actually have Lyme Disease.

    According to ILADS:

    Lyme disease is the latest great imitator and should be considered in the differential diagnosis of MS, ALS, seizure and other neurological conditions, as well as arthritis, CFS, Gulf war syndrome, ADHD, hypochondriasis, fibromyalgia, somatization disorder and patients with various difficult-to-diagnose multi-system syndromes.

    If you (or Mom) have been diagnosed with FM, CFIDS, and/or MS, please read up on Lyme Disease.

    Less than half of people who have Lyme Disease recall being bitten by a tick, or have not developed the bullseye rash. In addition, it is not limited to a certain area of the country, it can be found in every state. It can also be transmitted by other critters, like mosquitos and fleas.

    Diagnosis is clinical, that means based on your history, symptoms, and lab tests. Testing for Lyme is not very realiable. False negatives are common. The most reliable test is through Igenex Labs, called the Western Blot. It is best to be seen by a lyme savvy Dr. called LLMD (lyme literate medical doctor), which can be found at lymenet dot org.

    I know this can be very confusing and frustrating. I was misdiagnosed for 5 years with CFIDS and FM, until I finally found a doctor who suspected Lyme and tested me for it with Igenex, and I was positive.

    Wishing you the best,

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