Does my area have bad docs???

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    I read thses post and a lot of you talk about the medications you are on.

    I don't understand I none of my docs have ever offererd me anything other than antidepressnts and over the counter anti inflamitorys my rehumatologist had me on flexeril but only the couple of years before that nothing like that was ever offered me.

    Now some of you get vitamin b12 shots I have never been offered anything like that I ahve never been refered to a pain managment clinic,

    I have never been referd to phisical therapy until my new doctor did.

    well actulay thts not true I was referd to it but I did not have the money to go but the exercises they gave me to do at home are to difficult for me to do them all.

    are these things they shuld been doing all these years for me and if so why haven't they???
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    I've had this same concern, Puffy, but living in So. CA I'd assume you have some of the more informed docs in the country. Many of us, MOST of us, have to do our own research and then badger a doctor until they prescribe the med or therapy we want to try. Hopefully this will change with the CDC's info going to doctors about CFS. Until then, do your homework (yes, it's hard), then ask your doc about things like vitamin B12 shots, etc. I was given them but they did nothing for me except make me very hyper.

    Maybe your doctors are really smarter than you think. It's expensive and frustrating to try so many things only to be right back where you started. Still, if you feel something might work for you, definitely talk to your doctor about it. YOU are the boss, your doctor is your employee.

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    Hi Puffy,
    I also live in Northern CA. I am seeing a terrific Fibro Dr. in Sacramento. It takes me 2 + hours to drive there, but it is WELL worth it! My Dr. is Dr. Michael Powell. He has a Maybe you are close enough to see him?

    I hope you find a good Dr. who is willing to explore the many treatment options out there. Be persistant & don't settle for antidepressants & OTC anti-inflams. Another idea is to contact your local FM/CFIDS support group to ask for recommendations. Our local Sonoma County group has a website complete with medical provider recommendations. (Google The Carousel Network)

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    Thank You all for your responce,

    I Live very close to Chico State in N cal Sac is about 1hr and 45 mins away from me I have concidered going that far but my biggest problem is we have only one car right now and I have no insurace.

    I am finding a lot of Docs who well not take private pay patients I called several before I found this one.

    I have look on the doctor refferal list on this site but found none near me.

    so I guess I have been under the misconsumtion that your docs just offered you thes medications. I have not asked for anything I just take what they give me.

    I feel so stupid sometimes and ignorant.