Does NADH cause loss of appetite???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by debbiem31, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. debbiem31

    debbiem31 New Member

    I've been seriously thinking about starting the NADH for my severe fatigue and brainfog. But I started browsing the previous posts about it and saw that someone had a loss of appetite.

    I am already very underweight, so I could not handle losing what little appetite I have.

    Please respond if you take NADH and let me know how much you take, and any effects (good or bad), and does it make you lose your appetite???

    I appreciate your help, everyone....
  2. jstbrznby

    jstbrznby New Member

    Not to sure what you r taking. I have had a loss of appetite but still don't loose the weight. I have found a lot of us have gained massive amouts weight from taking anti-depressants and other meds. Never know how things wil affect you. Sorry I couldn't be of help. Can U let me know what you are taking? Thanks.

    and Warm Hugs to YOU, .........Pam
  3. debbiem31

    debbiem31 New Member

    I'm not taking anything yet (besides multivitamins and calcium). The NADH supposedly helps with fatigue and brainfog. I would like to start taking it, but I'm afraid of losing my appetite.
  4. debbiem31

    debbiem31 New Member

    bumping... looking for advice, please!
  5. MaryCecelia

    MaryCecelia New Member

    I'm also about to purchase NADH after reading about success other posters on here have had. I'm not sure about the loss of appetite aspect, though. I've also recently begun taking CO-Q 10 & liquid B complex, but can't tell any difference yet. My PCP thinks I have fibromyalgia, but I'm trying to get appt. with a rheumatologist & can't get one until June. My worst problem is fatigue. I think I've slept 10 hrs. but awake feeling like I've never slept. Good luck to you! Maybe we'll both find help with NADH.
  6. srollins

    srollins New Member

    I need more information as well!

    Thanks Shirley
  7. debbiem31

    debbiem31 New Member

    I went to a local nutrition place and bought some. I got an awesome deal, buy one get 1 free, so I got 2 boxes of 5mg, 30 tabs each, for 30 bucks! And yes, it is the Enada type (I've heard that's the best).

    I also bought a bottle of Eskimo 3 fish oil softgels. They supposedly don't have the fishy after-effects. I just took my first dose! We'll see, won't we?

  8. amymb74

    amymb74 New Member

    for about 3 months & no loss of appetite.
  9. srollins

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  10. Madelyn

    Madelyn New Member

    I've been taking NADH since May 02 and I definitely haven't lost my appetite! I could eat all day. And like you, I am underweight. I have difficulty not losing let alone gaining. ( I would like to gain some.)
  11. tansy

    tansy New Member

    I've been using nadh for some time. It has not caused any loss of appetite.

    I did have problems initially, got the jitters etc on just 5mg a day, it's not uncommon for this to happen initially.

    What I did suffer from though was symptoms of erratic blood sugar levels. Sorted this by using high doses of CoQ10 and changes in eating patterns.

    Though still severely effected these two supplements have been amongst the most successful therapies I've tried. They alongside sleep medications etc have turned around a frightening downward spiral which nothing else seemed to slow or stop.