Does neurontin/klonopin, kill friendly bacteria?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PaulMark, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. PaulMark

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    I need some imput please, some one with CFS who has bee helped but not cured, by nature biotics with soil organism has me taking them, i am only taking about 2-3 a day i'm so sick i do good to eat twice a day with pain bedridden

    she says it must be taken 30 minutes tand the eat, problem for 5 yrs. i'm so bedridden can't get up enough to eat, how will i ever getup to 6

    Also i have to meds. dr. cheney has me on for pain, sleep,
    i've tried and tried nixing cold turkey and can't believe me,

    i take only 200 mg. neurontin and l mg klonopin at bedtime
    So i said well I've tried nixing the low dose meds. i take i used to take 500 mg. neurontin in 24 hr. period, and cut myself back to the dose i mentioned above. Maybe she is right and i'm trying to rationlize taking meds. believe me i beat myself up enough for having to take the medication, i never was one to take them, but without the i cannot sleep period at all. and they help work on teh pain threshold in the brain in CFIDS as mad wolf and some others know,

    Any opinoins, I know i e mailed TANsy and i think she is on n> biotics but TAnsy do you have to take meds.??

    I called the co. the vice president of life science answered and he simply said take per my drs. supervisioin.

    I explained Dr. Cheney had me on primal defense at 2 per day maintenance and i didn't like it cause of all the added stuff and then i found out about this n. biotics from this board, and my primary care dr. she is mainstream, so i'm just tryign to work up to 6 as recommended l added each week

    this is tough i'm so bedridden from CFIDS i do good to eat twice a day and the girl with CFS from this board formerly, said must eat 3 times aday and quit ALL meds, or you will never heal

    Now i'm more scared more stressed, and i need some advise

    l. Do all meds, kill friendly bacteria cuase they are acidic?
    2. ANyone on n. biotics, that has to take meds on this board
    3. ANy opininons from anyone madwolf or any body taking n. biotics, will meds, keep n. biotics from healing CFS adrenals gut problmes sleep problems, as this girl claims??

    of course the co. can't make claims by law

    need some imput Please Paul mark in KY

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    the only meds that kill bacteria in our bodies, friendly or not, are antibiotics. I don't think Klonopin or Neurontin would. (However, I'm not an expert.)

    As far as the person who said you MUST eat 3 meals a day and stop taking ALL meds, well, that must be what worked for her. I really hate when people get well from this and figure they have THE CURE and try to push it on people. If you don't do what they did, you must not want to get well. If you already tried whatever cured them, you must have done it wrong or not want to get well.... (Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox :)

    As far as eating more often, is it possible for you to have some snack-type foods near your bed? Like nuts, dried fruits, etc. A small refrigerator might also be an option if you can afford it--then you can keep fresh veggies there (like baby carrots or whatever).
  3. Mikie

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    I sincerely doubt that either Klonopin or Neurontin will destroy friendly bacteria in the gut. Dr. Cheney is prescribing them to protect your brain and to help you get some sleep.

    I agree that keeping easy-to-digest foods near the bed is a good idea. It isn't so important that you eat big meals as it is to eat throughout the day.

    Have you tried the Jarro-Dophilus probiotics here? I have found them to be excellent.

    Love, Mikie