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    I was wondering, if you say, have a bad fall and really hurt your hand, or your arm--in the days to follow, will people with fibromyalgia experience pain almost everywhere or anywhere in the body, based on that one injury? Is it that one injury that kicks off the huge flare? I know our pain sensors are magnified, but do they send magnified messages throughout the body when you are injured in one part of your body? The reason why I ask is because I was feeling totally fine until I tripped and fell last week and came down hard on my opened hand to break the fall--I slipped in a marble lobby on a rainy day. I got up and was on my way, just really embarassed and annoyed, not really thinking about what injury I may have incurred. I didn't really hurt my hand, didn't think much of it, but in the days to come it was apparent I did something to my shoulder in the fall--perhaps a torn rotator cuff which I will see the internist for in the next couple of days. However, since this happened, I am literally in pain in every part of my body--even my hair hurts!

    If anybody has any experience or even an opinion on this, please let me know.

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    I know and dread if I should fall. Big time hurt all over and flare is coming!

    Also getting tooth pulled days later felt like a mack truck had hit me.

    Hope your shoulder gets better

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