Does pregnancy "trigger" FMS?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ekobus, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. ekobus

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    I have looked at a lot of things and was wondering if pregnancy triggered my FMS. I had some minor symptoms before I had my daughter and after I had her it seemed to multiply. Perhaps the pregnancy didn't trigger it, it just amplified, or exacerbated it. Anyone care to lend me their ideas? Thank you!
  2. Hippen

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    Just let me say that my daughter was born 8 years ago and I have had this nasty sickness for 8 years. I also had a few symtoms before she was IBS. After she was born , my health went down hill...really fast. I think you may have something probably did make you and I worse and maybe others as well. Maybe the pregnancy put our immune systems over the edge???? I had a csection...did you? Love, Hippen
  3. ekobus

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    No, I had normal vaginal delivery. It was a really hard birth, though, and I tore really bad. :( I also had some of the post-partum depression. Didn't have any energy and had a collicky kid. I really wonder, sometimes, if the pregnancy triggered the FMS or made it worse. I have heard a lot of diseases can be triggered by pregnancy.
    Thanks for your input. :)
  4. Lau

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    I do feel that childbirth was a trigger for me. My symptoms started after the birth of my second child, 20 years ago. I remember thinking maybe my hormones were screwed up and going to endo to no avail. Things have just been progessively worse since then.

    Don't know that that means much of anything though, as it seems people can have many different triggers, e.g. car accident, etc. Childbirth would definitly be a big stress on the body.

    Hope someone finds out what is going on with this DD soon so we can get some effective treatment.

    Hang in there!
  5. debbiem31

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    Like Hippen, I had a few symptoms before my last child was born 2 years ago. But after he was born, everything seemed to escalate.
  6. stillhope

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    I had a very long and hard labour. After the birth I came down with a severe infection with a fever of 104. I was sick for over a month. I also had a premature birth so my baby girl never slept, day or night and I had no one to help. It was about 6 months later that I started to really notice my first signs of FMS. That was 20 years ago and I have always thought that was my trigger.
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  7. RENA0909

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    I do remember having problems as a kid.Constipation and GROWING PAINS!!!But when i gave birth to my daughter at 21 i do think that started my fibro mild.I had a 23 hour labour and had to stay in hospital 2 weeks cos i had 3rd degree tears and had to be re stitched after 1 week.
    I could not walk for one month and think this was THE trigger for my fibro!!
    so i do agree with you that pregnancy can trigger FMS
  8. fibrojewel

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    I had my son five years ago, and thats when all the really nasty symptoms started! I was in bed half of my pregnancy because of the discofort and pain. I've never gotten all of my energy back.

    I was an older mother, there was stress, and I gained about 100 pounds (OOOOOPPPs!)...I think my pregnancy had everything to do with mine.

  9. CdnGirl

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    I'm not confident that pregnancy triggers FM, but am confident that hard labour or c-section surgery could definitely set FM in motion.

    I personally had minimal symptons between my first and second child. After my second child, I started with serious symptons (chest pains, losing my balance, strep B to name a few) then I underwent surgery and while I was out cold, the doc slipped a disc in my TMJ. When I came to, the next 2 years of my life were horrendous.

    I believe the connection is trauma to each one of us either after surgery, an accident or exceptional stress. Then our brain finally screams "ENOUGH!"(and part of our central nervous systems shuts down)

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