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    I made an appt. today to talk to someone at SS about applying for disability. I have been fighting fibro for about 6 years. I work a while, then go out on STD, work a while, out again.

    I got so disturbed this morning when the man told me I would have to bring my husband's last pay stub, registrations for the two vehicles I own, bank account records and evidence of what I was receiving while out of work on STD. What does my husband working have to do with this? He's drawing Social Security and is still working also at 67 years of age. I have a couple of CD's, an IRA account, all of which I worked hard to receive while feeling miserable. I guess if you own anything you won't receive anything. I have fibro, RA, osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease. Anybody have anything positive for me?
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    your assets or your husbands has absolutely no bearing on your getting Soc. Security Disability (SSD);

    If you have not worked enough quarters to qualify for SSD, then your spouse's income and assets other than house & car DO count - as then the only option is Soc. Sec. Insurance (SSI).

    Perhaps he looked up your record online while you were talking to him? Did he tell you that you do not qualify for SSD?

    I do not qualify for either myself... regardless of medical condition.

    hope this clarifies it. Also check out the site - you can do either of the applications online before you go in.


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