Does SSD attorney handle appeal to civil courts?

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    Some Social Security Disability (SSD) claimants are shocked when they appeal their cases through the Social Security Administration (SSA) system and the next appeal is in the civil court and their attorney tells them that they will have to get another attorney to handle the appeal in the civil court.

    Not every SSD attorney handles your claims all the way through the SSA appeals system and then into the appeal through the civil court. It's a good idea to find out when you retain an attorney to represent you, if your attorney handles the appeals through the SSA system and if necessary, through the civil court. Perhaps your attorney does the appeals through the SSA system, then maybe his partner takes over the case if the next appeal is through the civil court. If the attorney doesn't handle the appeal if it goes to civil court, then does he have someone that does handle the civil court case??

    ASK THE QUESTIONS. I believe you have the right to know up front and should know because it's your case. [I'm so sorry I didn't mention this info earlier, but my brain brought it up in a recent post and I figured it also deserves to be made a post all it's own.]