does successfully treating one symptom relieve other symptoms?

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    i have reached the point where i am taking medication to counteract the side effects of other medications. i think it is because i haven't been able to find a doctor that knows enough about fibro in my area. i have been treated for depression, not very successfully, for years. i have finally come to the conclusion that depression may not be as much of a problem for me if i could treat some of the other fibro problems a little more successfully. i know that exercise should help me, but sometimes the bottoms of my feet hurt too much to take a walk. maybe treating the foot symptoms would allow me to walk more, which in turn would help my depression?? my husband suggested riding a bike and so far i have taken a few rides without my feet hurting. i sleep horribly, if i could find the right med to help me get the right sleep---i figure that this could open up all kinds of "feeling better".
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    Many times it has been said that we need to peel off the layers as we treat these illnesses. Often,treating one symptom will help, although it can expose other things that were hidden.
    I do believe that doing whatever we can to solve our sleep problems will help a lot. I do not necessarily believe that drugs are a bad thing. I think we need a comprehensive approach. If taking something to help you sleep(in conjunction with other methods of sleep hygiene) works for you, don't feel guilty.
    Do what you have to. Moderate exercise can help some but pacing your energy is very important. It all takes time and effort to sort out but many people do improve.


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    Hi, kevieb.

    A more efficient approach is to treat the root issue in the pathogenesis. I don't know if you have "pure fibromyalgia," or if you also have CFS symptoms. If you have CFS symptoms, then I think that there is a good chance that the treatment based on the glutathione depletion--methylation cycle block hypothesis will help you to get to the bottom of your illness and treat everything at once.

    Several people on this board are trying this treatment now. Look for the threads that have "methylation" or "methyl" in their titles to see how they are doing.

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    Know what you're saying. I am so tired and in so much pain it's hard to function, much less concentrate on getting better most days. I either don't sleep or sleep too much, so don't know how to treat that. Also have the foot pain - not from shoes, because it is only there on certain days with the FM pain, and can feel like I'm walking on stubs instead of feet. Can't do without the meds, but wonder how much good they're actually doing.

    Rich, I have been wanting to try the protocol, but it takes a little clear headedness and understanding, and I keep forgetting to run off a copy so I can study it. This is all so confusing and frustrating most days that I just don't get it....but the fact that it's working for some makes me very interested.

    Friends -Jole
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    I have lots of issues with the feet too and I continuously get shin splints if I try aerobic level walking. I do water aerobics in a warm pool and it is wonderful. I don't go quite as often as I should, but the weather and nasty headaches tend to get in my way alot. If you can get into and easy excercise program and stick to it that should also help with your sleep patterns. This illness is a puzzle and unfortunately it likes to change on us too.

    god Bless
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    rich--i checked a few threads on "search" and the ones i read did not explain what it is---can you direct me to something that will explain this theory to me?
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    Hi, Christine.

    The hypothesis is explained here:

    and here:

    The treatment is explained here:

    The simplified treatment approach in this article is being tried by several people on this board. I'm currently suggesting that SAMe be omitted in the simplified treatment. It helps some people, but others can't tolerate it, so it's probably best to leave it out unless you do the genetic testing, which is not part of the simplified approach.

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    I just read your online hypothesis paper. That's quite a process. I'm going to re-read it. I've been concentrating on detoxing, improving my immune, digestion, parasites, sleep, balancing hormones. I'm feeling better but still have a ways to go.


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    I find for myself, my symptoms are in layers like an onion. The more symptoms I can control, the better I feel.

    Stress in any form is bad and so I try to eliminate all I possibly can.

    When my pain is controlled, I sleep better. Then I feel I can exercise more and recover faster. If I sleep better, my brain fog is much improved.

    It is a delicate balance of medicines and supplements, good diet, and exercise and sleep. I have found this hard to achieve but every so often I have a VERY GOOD day and then I wonder why I can feel so good one day but all the rest of the month feel so crappy, always feel like I am just getting over the flu and that a truck ran into me.

    It is so hard to exercise when it hurts your body so bad. I know exercise helps me de-stress even though I don't feel like doing it.

    Oh to be "normal", what does that feel like?

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    and it is a REVELATION.

    I started on the methylation protocol Rich is talking about on Feb 19th, and saw immediate results, and i started thinking i was almost there, and then I get a little bit better and I realise how sick I was and how far I have to go.

    It's bizarre, but great at teh same tiem.

    If you do it, make sure to go slow, I've overdone the detox once or twice and it's not a good feeling.