does t3 and/or low dose hydrocortisone help anyone with pain

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  1. cbs1234

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    I have prescriptions for low dose (5mg) hydrocortisone and t3 to begin taking to see if they will help with my full body tendonitis.

    Both of these synthetic hormones come with risks. I have experienced the long term horror of a long term reaction to levaquin and I don't want to "experiment" with these hormones unless I can find some good anecdotal evidence that they can get me well again.

    I have found lots of sites touting the benefits of these therapies and my doc touts the benefits. But, I have yet to find any real life examples of people that saw a dramatic turnaround in pain levels after taking one or both of these drugs.

    I don't have fatigue or many other issues. But, I do have significant pain in both shoulders, both feet, with lesser pain in my knees, hips, elbows and hands. The pain is in the soft tissues--primarily tendons--not in the joint. All blood work looks pristine.

    Does anyone have great news to share that can convince me to start the therapy??
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    I did take Cortef, and it did help with the pain, but had so many side effects for me
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    Thanks Empower. How much cortef were you taking?

    anyone else with good or bad experiences?
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    I am in a bad FMS flare, I have some Cytomel (t3), I'll try it for a few days and let you know if it helps.

    My situation is way different from yours though. I had to have my thyroid completely removed in 1998 due to it being "burned out" by Hashimoto's thyroiditis. It took a good 18 months to get my thyroid levels back to normal range. This included a short period of taking Cytomel along with my Levoxyl.

    Anyway, it's an interesting suggestion and I am desperate, so I'll give it a try and let you know.

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    I have recently switched from Armour nat'l thyroid to Syntthroid (brand synthetic t/4) and asked for Cytomel (5mg) specifically for its T3 - I have Hashimotos. (&FM, irritable bowel, cfs, etc.e tc etc...)
    T/4 & T3 great for a month. Now I am hurting a LOT. Immunes system down lots due to a bout with chronic diarrhea for 6 weeks, and very bland diet, etc.
    The endo. I am now seeing for the Syn. & Cytomel is doing the ACTH (adrenal stim. test) in 2 wks. for adrenals -- and COrtef could be "possible" he says. He does not like that I had Cortisol from FFC (compounded) as he did not know compounded from what? - and has me discontinued from taking it(it sure seemed to even my mood out...). so we can do the further adrenal testing. My cortisol ck (before I was taking any additional cortisol...) was 18.8 so that was enuf reason for him to agree to do ACTH test next.. What I read was Thyroid Power book which said that antibodies to thyroid could also mean antibodies to adrenals...that was my reasoning to ask for further adrenal testing. He agreed.
    You have to be able to justify these tests, and I get that done in a few more weeks, along with a third TSH test that cks total T3 & free t-4, again.
    I was on Armour for 2 yrs since being diagnosed with Hashimotos in 04 (FM since 1998) & I felt as if Armour was no longer working even tho TSH was ok range.

    Are you certain it is hydrocortisone (synthetic) and not cortisol you take? I thought hydrocort. was Prednisone. Maybe I am mistaken. I am still learning. Learn new thing every day. I appreciate all the knowledge and help we give one another. Best of luck.
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    It's my understanding that hydrocortisone is the bio-equivalent form. one brand name is Cortef.

    If you decide to try it, my suggestion is to start with a very small dose of the hydrocortisone and work your way up. It's best for your body to make hormone changes gradually.

    I would suggest cutting up the 5 mg tablet into little pieces and starting with one piece. Watch your skin. If your facial skin becomes oily and you get new acne, that's a sign of overdose. If you keep overdosing, you can become crabby and begin growing facial hair. So basically, it's not dangerous to use if you pay attention.

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    Just took 12.5 MCG of Cytomel.......I take 0.2 MG Levoxyl at night. Will keep you posted.

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    Been on Armour, 2 grains for 10 years? Switched to Compounded T3/T4, about 1 year ago, Rx. by FFC. Added Compounded Cortisol, 15 mg. same time about 1 year ago. I would say that yes, the Cortisol helps some with pain, and allows me to be upright a little longer. Like the difference between standing long enough to wash dishes and NOT standing long enough to wash dishes. Recently, I have become short of breath, on minimal exertion.

    In past week or two, was switched to T3 only, as my Reverse T3 had climbed. Shortness of breath has resolved. No difference in pain levels.

    NOTE** I have had a severe allergic/sensitivity to a cleaning product, since the week of Thanksgiving, with HORRIBLE itching. I had increased my Cortisol to 60 mg. and this did give me a bit more endurance and less pain, (and bit less itching). Not significant, but some. I am weaning back down to lower Cortisol doses, to only 20 mg. now, and only real difference is INCREASED itching. (From my previous chemical exposure and reexposures in my bathroom)
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    Took 12.5 this effect on pain but I was less fatigued, went shopping for xmas cards. No palpitations or anything to indicate my levels are too high. We'll see if I have trouble sleeping from it. Will try it again in the morning and report back tomorrow night.

  12. elliespad

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    I've been on a T3 only preparation for about a week or two, maybe less, would have to check the bottle and count. Today, by the afternoon, my chest pressure/pain was HORRIBLE. Pounding HARD. Took extra Tenormin.

    Called my Compounding Pharmacy. Asked how to convert the T3 from 2 grains of T3/T4? The T3 in 1 grain is equal to roughly 9 - 9 1/2 mcg. So my old script contained roughly 19 mcg. This new T3 only is for 75 mcg. No wonder my heart is pounding. Pharmacist said I could use a razor blade and literally cut them in half. I do believe I will do that.
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    as I believe it should be the other way around, Synthroid early a.m. and Cytomel later mid afternoon.
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    Thyroid hormones should be taken on an empty stomach and at the same time every day. There are also drug & food interactions that must be taken into consideration.

    I take my Synthroid at night (I eat my large meal at lunch)

    I chose to take the Cytomel first thing in the morning (empty stomach) since it is short-acting, if I'm going to have side effects (feeling wired or palpitations, etc) I would rather have them during the day, not at night when my sleep is already disturbed.

    It can be quite a challenge just figuring out when to take what, especially since many vitamins and supplements that I take can affect the absorbtion of the thyroid hormones.

    So far no adverse effects, but no pain reduction either, just a little more energy. Will not continue this for very long if I'm not getting any pain reduction, wouldn't be worth messing up my levels.