Does taking our meds cause FM???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by spongebobmama, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. spongebobmama

    spongebobmama New Member

    I am trying to see if all my fibro symptoms are caused by my soupy mess of drugs I've been taking for over 25 years !!! I have knocked off one antidepressant,and cut down on two more. I'm wondering if anyone is fighting FM wirh herbs instead of prescription drugs. The side effects for all my stuff,is,well, very thought provoking. I am doing an experiment. I want to see if I feel any better w/o the plethora of drugs. Thanks for being here, Spongebobmama
  2. spongebobmama

    spongebobmama New Member

    Thank-you for your replies to my ?'s. I used to LOVE coffee,the stronger the better. I don't know what happened. One day I just didn't like the taste anymore. We did get some chocolate flavored coffee for Christmas and it was deee-lious. I wonder where my daughter got it. I also want to reply to your herbal remedies. I am trying a few things and have tried many things in the past. You should see my dresser and bins of things I've purchased and I don't have much patence to wait and I should wait for them to work. I have felt better from ideas from the "From fatigued to fantastic" guy. D-ribose is good,and a berry drink with a boat load of vitamins. I am feeling better. Now my lower spine is pinching my sciatic nerve.Geez that hurts every morning.I go to P.T. for exercises to do at home. So every morning I have to do them. I've had many shots of cortisone in there. You talk about hurt!!!!. Ah, life. Thanks again. Today is Valintines Day. Much love to all you folks on this FM site.S.B. mama (Sharyn)
  3. kbak

    kbak Member

    As a matter of fact, I belong to a facebook group of people that have taken floroquinlone (sp?) drugs like Cirpro, Levequine, Floxin, ect and then came down with neuro problems, even not being able to walk. So if at any time you've taken any of these drugs they can hurt you.

    As for the other drugs, well the more you take the more likely your going to have interactions. I try to take as few as humanly possible and still get some decent relief.

    I have taken alternatives, and I haven't found any that worked well for bad pain. Some have worked for lesser pain, but their short acting at best.

    Hope you get it all worked out! Good Luck,
  4. SCAP

    SCAP New Member

    I think that some of the meds do make me worse, I have been on norco 10-325 ...6 daily ...and also lorazepam,,,,,tramadol.......zanaflex...
    and at first I though the dr was lying to me when shesaid that opiates are now being shown to cause icreased pain,,,,But much as I wish it wasnt so,,,I think shes right,
    thats why ive decided to do a A.R.O.D. detox anesthesia rapid opioid detox
    This procedure is is done in 2 hours and then its suppossed to removeall opiates from the receptors and you basically awakein a pre opiate state
    I want to have a fresh start ,,,,without any addictive meds,,,and I plan to go totally natural and holistic,,,,,I also plan to try chiropractic and accupuncture,,I will keep you posted on my progress,,
    At this point I am sooooo sick of pharmecutials,,,and all the hurdles and rules and stigma of opiates,,
    I hope it all works for you too,,Iam extremely nervous about the whole thing.but it's been 12 yrs of pharmecutical hell and I just want to be free of all addictive meds, I am sure I will needto slow down a bit but once my body begins making natural endorphins and readjusts I think I will feel more in control and happier
    Good Luck to all who have chosen this ,its a helluva battle to contend with

  5. campbeck97

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    Hi I am thinking kinda like you are, just how much better I might feel without all this junk in my body,certainly am not pain free or even close taking all these medications. I tapered off ambien after being on it for over ten years and have been off of it 1 month now. I tapered very very slowly over several months,it wasnt helping me to sleep anyway anymore so I thought why am I taking it. Next I think I will start either tapering off morphine or xanax do one at a time and like the ambien i will do it very slowly as I dont want to go through the horrible withdrawels that Ive experienced with getting off of other precriptions . I just want to see if the "old me" still exsists and im sick of all the drugs that really dont help anyway. Good luck to you .God Bless
  6. campbeck97

    campbeck97 New Member

    Hi Leah, that last line you wrote to me made me laugh! I already feel a clearer head just since being off the ambien for a month! I wasnt getting anymore sleep taking it and what sleep I did get was a very light restless sleep. I had also begun to have side effects with my memory pretty bad like having conversations with family members without any memory of them,buying things on ebay not remembering and doing other things etc. these didnt start happening until the last year or so and I had been on it over 10 years. I dont expect to go back to my previous healthy state but it would be nice not to be in a drug induced fog all the time.God willing I can at least go back to a clearer mind. God Bless and thanks for answering my post. Becky

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