Does the effects of Elavil wear off?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by DVoit, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. DVoit

    DVoit New Member

    I have been on it for a little over 2 weeks and I feel better. I have read on line that the effects wear off. That is a bummer. I am taking 39 mg a night. What do you think?

  2. lilione

    lilione New Member

    Are you taking 1 1/2-25mg, because they come in 10-25-50 etc. The answer to your question is, it takes about a month for elavil to fully kick in. I have'nt heard of anyone complaining of the effects wearing off.
    It's a great drug and if it's working for you, stick with it. Good Luck, Lili
  3. laura81655

    laura81655 New Member

    That seems like an odd amount to me too. I take 50mg. at night. It helps somewhat with pain and sleep.

  4. angeljoe

    angeljoe New Member

    I have heard many good things about Elavil. My doctor would not give this to me for anything. I ask him personally for it and he said he didn't think I should take it with the Flexeril. Are any of you on muscle relaxers and Elavil?

  5. justjanelle

    justjanelle New Member

    Yes, I know there are others here besides myself who are on Elavil and also a muscle relaxer. (I take Zanaflex, which helps with the muscle spasms of my FM).

    In answer to DVoit's question: I've been taking the Elavil for 3 years and have not had to increase my dose. It still helps me sleep at night. So I'd have to say that it has not lost its effectiveness (at least for me!)

    Best wishes,
  6. DVoit

    DVoit New Member

    I'm sorry. That was a mistake.

  7. getfitat40

    getfitat40 New Member

    I take both - I have been on Flexiril for a couple of years and my Rhuemy added Elavil. He also changed when I take the Flexiril -

    Used to take 20 mgs at night
    Now I take 1-10mgs before I leave for work and another 1-10mgs around 3:00. My doc convinced me that during the day was when I should keep my muscle relaxed not just at night. It took me about 2 weeks to work up to taking 10 mgs in the mornings.

    I started the Elavil at 10mg and worked up to 70 mgs at 7:00 every night. I sleep through the night more then I don't sleep through the night...minor miracle I think. I take nothing for pain except the occasional Tylenol.

  8. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    But that's been known to happen w/ many meds and supplements that once for us for FM/CFS relief. As some are posting though it doesn't always wear off. In my experience it did though. But I have to stress, that happens to me w/ everything. I develop tolerance to any drugs very fast, so I always have to alternate, it's my personal quirk, but not everyone's.

  9. desertstars

    desertstars New Member

    I take 50 mg of Elavil per night and definately sleep better and am in less pain. I take flexeril as needed,usually at night as well and had no ill effects. Then again I am usually dead to the world once my head hits the pillow.
  10. rachel432

    rachel432 New Member

    It has been my experience as a patient and a nurse that the effects of elavil don't wear off. I'm taking it and robaxin and it seems to be working. Stay with it.

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