Does this bother anyone else?

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    Bush Asks for Action on HIV/AIDS
    By Todd Zwillich

    WASHINGTON (Reuters Health) - President Bush urged Congress to pass a $15 billion overseas AIDS relief package Tuesday, even as conservative groups continued to press for changes emphasizing sexual abstinence in the initiative.

    The President made a push for approval of a five-year, $15 billion authorization measure that recommends aid directed toward 14 African and Caribbean countries devastated by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The bill is scheduled for a vote in the U.S. House later this week.

    Bush said that Congress should approve the bill, even though it contains key measures that the White House opposed during committee debates.

    "Time is not on our side. So I ask Congress to move forward with the speed and seriousness that this crisis requires," said Bush, who noted earlier that 30 million people in Africa are already infected with HIV.

    Administration health officials have estimated that the initiative, which concentrates on the so-called "ABC" approach to HIV/AIDS relief -- promoting abstinence, being faithful, and using condoms -- could prevent up to 7 million new infections.

    Bush has asked Congress to spend $2 billion on the package in 2004, though the bill scheduled for a House vote this week contains $1 billion more than that request. The White House also initially fought a provision that allows up to $1 billion in spending on the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, preferring instead $200 million per year in contributions.

    AIDS groups praised the relief package, though some warned that Congress must still appropriate money later this year to fulfill the President's intentions on HIV/AIDS.

    Blah blah blah...wihle I do agree that money should be funded for AIDS research and prevention...the amount being funded blows my mind. 15 BILLION? 15 Billion to teach abstinence and use of condoms? Yes, AIDS is a worldwide problem. Yes third world countries need to be educated. But 15 billion is astronomical!! I wonder what percentage of 15 billion is provided for Fibro/CFS funding? This doesn't bother me that we are helping the world. What bothers me is the amount of money being funded by our government to help "educate" on abstinence when millions of us are suffering with no cure, no answer, and no help with this DD. I cannot even pay my rent for the month of May because I cannot get Social Security Disability Insurance (which I paid into since I was 12), but we can spend 15 billion on abstinence education!!

    Something is wrong here....very wrong!
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    My thoughts exactly - $15 billion can really help some folks in our own country. This act of humanity is more in-line with the duties and concerns of the charitable organizations promoting these programs.

    I would love to drop President Bush a line about SSDI, too.

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    I think it's terrible that all this moneies is planned for other countries when I like you can barely pay my rent. I get SSI but the amount that I'm expected to live on is awful.The goverment cut a big chunk out of medicaid and has seniours and the disabled paying ins premiums out of their SS checks but our goverment can spend all this monies on Aids and HIV. I think it's pitiful. Just my 2 cents worth. god Bless Danisue
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    Are a huge silent group. We have no spokesperson nor lobbyists. I believe in helping other countries, but we have huge needs right here at home.

    Every time we participate in a war, it produces more chronically ill people. I just read that the mere fact of being in an area which has been bombed exposes soldiers to toxins which will make them ill. They are supposed to be wearing protective gear for this but they are not doing this. Get ready for Gulf War II Illness. Will our government once again turn its back on our vets? If history is any indication, yes, it will.

    There is some pretty strong evidence that many of us with these illnesses were exposed to germ warfare agents produced by our own government. It is our national shame.

    Love, Mikie
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    Have you read about the Tuskegee Syphillis Incident and the correlation with AIDS and CFS?
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    with the fact that we can throw money to others, yet we have budget gaps EVERYWHERE and cannot take care of ourselves, let alone other people.
    My crystal ball predicts in 10-20 years Iraq will be at war with us again because we chose to rebuild their nation after we ruined it. This will continue to cycle. I do believe there are innocent people over there, but we are giving them money to rebuild an army of people who never end up being innocent, they are always against us.
    When will we start to care about our own people again?
    Mr. Gollisono is a rich man from Rochester, NY who is puttng thousands of money into a damn sports team to keep it afloat, yet the school district has a budget gap in the millions, along with the entire state of NY. Where are the priorities?
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    Where does Bush expect to get all this money?? I mean, seriously--he's just throwing it around everywhere!! We just had a war for god's sake!! There are still some of suffering from the impact of that. I pay a $500 deductible for my healthcare, plus a good ole $160 a month that my company is matching at another $160 a month. And I still have to pay 20% of my healthcare. I'm only 25 yrs. od!! Plus,since i have a pre-existing condition I have to wait a year before it covers any fibro-related stuff!! I only make $25,000/yr. and most of my money goes treating this DD!! Why don't we fix our healthcare system first!!