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    Before I go to the doctor and get another bill that will just cause me more stress I would like to know if anyone else deals with this? I deal with dizziness every day. But I have been experiencing like little electrical shocks that could be irregular heart beat? It's been happening daily. It only lasts a split second and then that's when. I feel like I want to faint and then I get that little like shock and then it passes. I do not want to run to the doctor and then as usual everything is fine and look at me like I am stupid. And then get a bill that will cause to really cause me to have a heart attack. Thanks for any advice . Crickett
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    i have fm and me/cfs and yes i have dizziness (not everday mind you) and electric like zaps that last .5 secs.

    these zaps only occur 1-2x/day, also get them more when falling alseep and waking up (sleep-wake transition).

    im not sure why you feel the eectric shocks are irregualr heart beat? more likley abnormal CNS, possibly even little seizures. I also have heart issues, tachyardia (beat> 100) and what feels like irregular heatbeat.

    my eeg (test brain waves) was normal (well did show "slow waves" when awake which is not normal) but no epileptic waves. have yet to get heart checked out. will soon. but i doubt ecg will show anything.


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  3. karynwolfe

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    Being dizzy and being lightheaded are two different things.

    Dizziness is where the room is spinning and/or you feel like you're on a boat (motion sickness) and is neurological, lightheaded is where you're not getting enough oxygen to your brain and feel about to pass out.

    If you get a "shock" accompanied by an abnormal heart beat and feel like you're going ot pass out, that could be a serious problem with the conduction of your normal heart rhythms and is NOT associated with fibromyalgia. I would be concerned if this continues to happen, as something like this could land you in the ER.

    If the shocks are more of an "in your head" dizzy feeling that just scare you, that are not associated with your heart, these ARE pretty common with fibromyalgia.
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    I have always had motion sickness which got worse with this DD.

    I was referred to a Otoneurologist because of the dizziness.

    "An Otoneurologist is a neurologist with additional years of specialized training. They approach dizziness and balance disorders from the brain outward instead of from the ear in toward the brain (as in neurotologists). Like neurologists, they do not perform surgery but can recommend surgical treatment by other specialists."

    Besides the above he also did a hearing test. My balance was so off, he had to stop testing. He thought it was worse from the FM as I had a lot of other tests. When I saw him I was my dizziness was at an all time high.

    Have you had a cardiac and/or neurological workup?

    Do you feel your heart beating irregularly or thinking it might be and that is causing the zaps and dizziness.

    Are these new symptoms?

    What medications are you on?

    I would check with your doctor especially if you are having chest sensations. Perhaps a call with the doctor's nurse about your symptoms.

    Good luck.
  5. Julie24

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    well having a irregular heart beat can be normal for some...but if this is new and hasnt been looked at before..i would as a health care worker , work my way to the doctors!!!! It can be a serious issue or it can be nothing but atleast u will know and maybe prevent something serious from happening!!! I know medication can cause symptoms as such!! I would get checked to be safe!!!!

    good luck!
  6. Tizz

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    I get dizzy sometimes, but I very rarely get vertigo (everything spinning). To me "dizzy" means those (in my case, frequent) momentary lapses of balance that take me by surprise and I end up staggering backward or sideways. It looks like I'm drunk when it happens and that's very embarassing. Seems like every doc I go to does ANOTHER tox screen checking for alcohol or drug abuse, and I'm sure that's why. (I always "pass" the tests -- the only drugs I take are prescribed for me and doctors always ask for a list.)

    As for "zaps" -- I don't get them in the chest area, or at least, not normally. I get "zaps" in my legs and feet, sometimes in my shoulders, hips, or buttocks. If it's legs or arms (the most common) it causes me to jerk, suddenly bending the muscles in the affected limb. Or, sometimes, I suddenly EXTEND the muscles... but it's not voluntary movement and I never know when it will happen. Thank goodness, when I'm standing or walking my legs don't bend, they "just" cramp up.

    Does that sound familiar to anyone??


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