does this make sense?

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    I have posted a few times over the past few days about this sort of PMS feeling I have been having for the past 3 weeks . . . mild headache, mild stomach problems, sore lower back and general "off" feeling. What I have noticed is that I am not bothered at all when I am sleeping. It is not until I stand up, and my weight shifts, that the back and stomach start to hurt . . . and then within a hour, my headache comes. Wouldn't you think that if I had some issue with an internal organ or something that I would feel the discomfort all of the time, even when laying down? I am trying to put my mind at ease that I don't have something else going on. I have had multiple pelvic ultrasounds in the past 3 years for similar symptoms and all have come back clean . . . but every time these symptoms return they are a little worse and I am always worrying in the back of my mind about what could be causing them.
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    Hi srs7874. I am sorry you are feeling badly. It does sound like something you need to explore further. It may be this DD with its all encompassing symptoms, or something else, but it doesn't sound like nothing.

    I know it is hard to find the energy but I think you need to find a doc that can help you pinpoint the problem. Worrying about it makes you feel worse and really accomplishes nothing good.

    I hope you find the answers you need. BTW I noticed several other posts from people with similar problems on the board. They may be helpful too. Wish I could help more.