Does this sound familiar to you?

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    How I live my life. So fatigued, feel like I have the flu, night sweats, just feel awful. Then with no warning the fog lifts and I feel some better. At my best I'm a 4 out of 10 as far as wellnes. This sometimes lasts for 4 or 5 days. Then boom I'm right back at the bottom with all the same symptoms. This could last sometimes for a week. Can't plan ANYTHING in advance. Don't even know if I can make it to any appts. After 9 years I've accepted it but I hate it.
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    The symptoms of Babesia infection cycle like that and babesia causes night sweats and severe fatigue.

    Please consider that you may have this chronic infection, along with others commonly found with it.

    Please read this info carefully:

    Babesia info pages 22, 23, 24, 26, 27 of the following paper:

    Also read the comprehensive symptom list pages 9-11 of the above paper.

    Also read this:

    (people who are past the acute stage and into the chronic stage may not have symptoms like nausea and vomiting.)

    very informative booklet with great symptom list:

    Many, many people here have discovered that these chronic infections caused their symptoms.

    You must find the causative organisms that made you sick so you can treat it and recover.
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    It seemed to be that way for me for the first two or three years of having CFS/FMS, then it kept getting worse, and with fewer and fewer good days. At the moment, I am in a severe crash/flare, with complex partial seizures and all 90+ symptoms hitting me hard. I can't plan anything in advance, either.

    In fact, last week my sis-in-law asked me to drive her to her first pre-natal visit today, and when I got up this morning, I just couldn't do it. I've been in bed a good part of the day, and here in a few minutes, I'll have to go back...

    I am on disability, and can't afford special treatments, etc. Some people are convinced I have Lyme, others Babesia, ... many different things, but I can't afford their treatments. Through a set of miracles, I was able to see a doctor at Uchee Pines Health Institute, who said that those things can be treated with healthy living (the eight laws of health - nutrition, exercise to tolerance [which is zero for me atm] drinking plenty of water, getting sunshine, temperance, fresh air/deep breathing, sufficient rest, and trust in God) and building up the immune system, coupled with prayer.

    I have gone the allopathic route of treatment, and I just got more and more sick, and ended up in the hospital. I have learned that the Uchee Pines program works the best for me.

    I totally can empathize with not being able to plan anything; even going to church is difficult... I haven't been in three or more weeks, and church is a lifeline...

    I pray for better health for you! Debbie