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  1. philt

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    Hi All,
    I write asking for advice really. I've not been well lately and can't put my finger on what the problem is. I've done a lot of internet research trying to diagnose myself. I think I might have CFS but...
    I am a 26 year old male, until now pretty healthy. Last few months I've had problems with what I would call dizzy spells - generally not feeling in control of my balance. The symptoms have started to happen more frequently (from once per month to less and less frequently) and now I guess rather than dizzy, I'd use the term "mental fatigue". It's almost as if my brain is wiped, it comes on real quick and I feel I'm going to pass out - but so far haven't. My legs get heavy, my eyes begin to close and I feel really on the verge of collapse. This has now become a daily occurence and I'm beginning to ache in places (stomach/back).
    I know that this is a long way from where many of you are at the moment and I guess I sound pretty pathetic. I'm just looking for some help/guidance - does this sound like CFS?

    God bless.
  2. tandy

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    It sounds like you may have something coming on.I felt something like this in the beginning.(just enough of a problem to know that something just was'nt quite right).
    Mine began with alot of mental fogginess! I just felt out of I was here but drifting alot.(or dazed)
    I also started with painful shoulders and upper back.
    Soon to follow were other one hip,my low back,headaches....more than my average,etc. It took a few drs. to get an answer and well over 2 yrs!!!I'd suggest you get a referral from your reg. Dr. to see a Rhuematologist. I've been under the care of a Rhuemy for about 8 yrs now.(been sick for 11!!) This disease has taken alot from many of us. I can no longer work full time.
    A major decline in my income!!and it been tough.
    Wishing you luck!!and please post back when you get the ball rolling~ I hope this has helped~
  3. atrinigyal29

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    The symptoms you have can be caused by many different conditions/diseases/problems. Just make sure you get tested for everything under the sun before getting a CFS diagnosis. You have to make sure that something else isn't causing them. Get referrals from your doctor for specialists. Before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, my doctor referred me to several neurologists, a heart specialist, an ear,nose and throat specialist (for the dizziness), an infectious disease specialist,and several rheumotologists. I was tested for MS (had an MRI done) and had about four or five different blood and urine tests before I was diagnosed. It's a long process and can be quite frustrating as some doctors don't believe in a CFS diagnosis, but don't give up. Good luck.
  4. klutzo

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    I would see a Neurologist ASAP. There are all sorts of things this could be, and with those symptoms, a Neurologist would be best equipped to get to the bottom of it.
  5. Rosie

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    Hi PT,
    I would try and get in with a Neurologist...dizzyness and fatigue can also be caused by MS...Only a neurologist can get things sorted out. It could also be a inner ear is just really hard to say. Please stay in touch, and I hope that you are feeling better soon.
    Take care,
  6. bknight104

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    Hi PT,

    The mental fatigue and dizziness sounds just like me too. Please see your doctor to rule out other conditions that could be immediately life threatening. I was tested for lupus and a slew of other auto-immune diseases and was told my blood work was "abnormally normal" (My Doc and I have a good rapport and this was said as humor, not a medical observation). It was only then that we started treatment for CFS/FMS. I hope you can find some answers and relief soon.

    Your friend
  7. pam_d

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    I think I, too, would start with a neurology appointment----if only to rule out other things. I first went to a neurologist, too, with my symptoms. She did NOT "believe" in FM or CFS, but she actually did me a huge favor by running every test in the book to rule out other illnesses like MS, lyme disease, etc. I was later sent to a rheumatologist, and finally diagnosed by a physical medicine doctor, and you may eventually be sent on to other doctors like this, but I think first, a neurology appt. should be tried with your symptoms. Good luck to you & let us know what you find out----people here do care, and many of us felt like you in the beginning. "I haven't been well lately and can't put my finger on what the problem is" is something probably ALL of us have said. So keep us posted.

  8. hazygal

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    Same thing happened to me in the beginning but that was four years ago. It would come on real fast and strong. My body would be as limp as a noodle, my breathing was sort of labored, it would come up my legs (that was really early on) and the achyness would be up the legs and into the arms where it really ached. No back or stomach aches though. I'd have to sit down because of the i'd call it "mini seizure" I don't know what else it was... Now i've got those aches that come on fast when i've done too much or i'm just going into a flair. My flairs last up to two months now. I am soooo depressed about it. I've got good days and bad days, but i'm just not myself anymore. And now i've got a mess of other CFS/Fm symptoms... The worst is my Crashing fatigue where I cannot do a thing. I'm sorry if this is depressing you. But your welcome here, and it does sound like you are beginning to get some sort of symptoms of this DD.... hazygal
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  9. ssMarilyn

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    This could be Nystagmus, a balance disorder in some with FM. The test to confirm it is called an Electro Nasography, or ENG for short. If you can be at the doctor's office at the time you are feeling like this, they can easily see if it's Nystagmus by having you shake your head vigorously and then having you track their finger as it moves back and forth in front of your eyes.

    Though it does not seem to be well known, there is a significant body of medical research linking Nystagmus to magnesium and/or thiamin deficiencies. Magnesium and thiamin are cofactors for each other, so it is not surprising to have deficiencies of one or both linked to Nystagmus. There are a number of independent medical papers that have shown Nystagmus being completely cured from safe and inexpensive nutritional therapy.

    P.S. I have this problem right now too...maddening, isn't it?

    Marilyn :)
  10. Spoonerpaws

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    Have your blood sugar level checked too. I am hypoglycemic and 2 hours after eating (sometimes sooner) I get like this due to a sudden drop in my blood sugar level.

    When this happens, try eating something right away and see if you feel better in 10 to 15 minutes.

    Another way to check is buy a cheap blood glucose meter and check your blood sugar level 2 hours after you have eaten