Does this sound familiar? Written with tears in my eyes...

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    I tried to express my frustration:
    The onslaught of Fibromyalgia is a difficult and confusing time. The symptoms come and go in waves.
    Over the years you might have gone to your family physician about recurring aches and pains, you might have gone to the Physiotherapist or the Chiropractor. You probably ignored many things, thinking it is just part of life, and not wanting to waste precious time over little things. Normally a cheerful, optimistic person, it is much easier to focus on the good times, and forget the painful times.
    Then the symptoms started getting stronger and more painful. Life started getting more difficult. Then just when you were ready to say, hey, something is wrong here, the pain lessened and you could function again..... Then another wave would come.....
    Eventually, the symptoms get serious, scary symptoms, you think something is wrong with your heart. It isn’t beating normally. You go to your doctor, tests are done, nothing is wrong....... Symptoms wane, you function a little less as well as you once did, but you do,,,, then wham, here comes another one.
    Go to the doctor again, more tests, painful tests, nothing...... This is repeated a number of times. You might even have a surgery that you don’t need. Then you start to doubt yourself, and your sanity. So do others..... You don’t want to go out of the house much. Lots of reasons, lots of symptoms. You start feeling sad alot. People who knew you before are wondering what is going on. Your Adult children are worrying about you. You don’t sleep well. You hurt. You forget things. You can’t think straight. You don’t feel like dancing anymore.....You can’t hold a job. You go back to the doctor. You agree with him that you are depressed. You take antidepressants.
    Waves come and go. Each one getting bigger, symptoms getting stronger. To yourself you sound like a whiner. You tell your husband you are still here, in your body, under all these symptoms, and you will come back.
    Your doctor wants you to see a psychiatrist. Yes, he agrees by this time that you have Fibromyalgia, however, he wants you to see this doctor anyway. You go.
    Afterwards, when reading his report, you read “Her tendency to somatize”; “ She seems to have settled into a fibromyalgia kind of pattern in keeping with her tendency to somatize.”
    So, what causes depression in Fibromyalgia patients? The “frustration of the condition” is a very simple way of putting it indeed.
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    I think when I got about half way thru this post....I began to think it was written by me~ and emotions come into play because it made me feel like someone FINALLY understands me!! Fibromyalgia is a very tough hand dealt to us!! So many are effected by this disease.I just keep hoping and praying that someday soon an answer for all this is found and we can be recognized and helped.
    Thanks for putting it into words~ Hugs :)
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    although I have never been sent to see a psychiatrist, I can relate to everything else. I was fortunate to finally find a good doctor who listens to me, but the self doubt and feelings of guilt for not being well are with us everyday. You get to the point that you lie and say you are doing ok, or even good, because of the reactions you get from family and friends.
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    At least know you are not alone...many of us can relate. Unfortunately unless someone walks in our shoes they just can't understand. We either have to teach them or accept their ignorance. Frustration...oh yeah, but mostly wiht myself.

    Warm fuzzies
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    I'm truely sorry that you are going through this, we all know how hard it can be.

    I was very lucky that when my symptoms became acute in nature I found doctors almost immediately that were experts in my conditions. The validation that you receive when you tell a physician about your problems and he or she nods their head and says, I understand. If you're seeing a psychiatrist that does not understand your condition find someone else. I've had great success with neuropsychologists, they have a greater understanding of how the brain works.

    Have you tried getting rid of all the toxic chemicals in your home and using all natural? This means cleaning supplies, grooming products, laundry detergent and don't use fabric softener. Whatever you do don't remodel without using environmentally safe products. Never use conventional pesticides!

    Try an all organic diet, it really helps. Blueberries have been proven to greatly help brain function, try eating some everyday. Frozen organic blueberries are wonderful.

    Try cutting wheat and gluten out of your diet, as they can greatly affect brain function. If you don't know what gluten is just do a google search.

    Question, have you experienced any water leaks in your home or have any signs of mold? If you have or do, this needs to be investigated.

    Who wouldn't have some depression when dealing with all these problems.

    I know that I've gone on and on but following this plan has greatly helped me.

    Good luck to you,

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    *Hands you a hankerchief*

    You beautifully put into words what so many of us seem to be feeling.

    Thank you.