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    10 weeks ago I went to the doctor. I had inflammed throat/tontsils, glands on left side were a bit sore & swollen and I felt like [edited for content]. She guessed it might be an infection and prescribed amoxcillan which I took(the first medication I have taken in years as I dont like taking stuff). I wasn't getting any better so I went to another doctor in the clinic who seemed to think I had glandular fever but told me to finish of the amoxcillan anyhow. He sent me for a full blood count and a glandular fever screen. The results were satisfactory/viral infection and negative on the glandular fever. In between the visit and going for the blood test I began to feel better and under the impression that i had glandular fever I start back doing exercise. Two days latter I started to feel fatigued and the following days my appetite wasn't great either. I only work 3 hrs a day and now I am finding that to much. The glands on my neck are not sore anymore and the redness in my throat in all but gone(tontsils on the left side a bit red) but I still feel fatigued and not a great appetite. I am not sure if I have post viral fatigue or something even more serious and i am going back to the docter this afternoon to get another blood test and hopefully a sick note.

    Can anybody relate to this story?


    Martin in Glasgow

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    It sounds like a virus that just won't leave. The antibiotics were useless, they only work on bacteria. It sounds like your body is still fighting off the virus. Perhaps it mutated and that's why your throat is better... it's attacking you in other ways now.

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