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  1. desperation

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    For the last five years I have felt unwell. Five years ago i developed horrendous insomnia and the doctors just thought it was psychological. I was convinced it wa something different. I had bad headaches and felt nauseas. This lasted for 2 years and then I felt okay(ish) for a year but had IBS. The last 2 years i have had chronic fatigue nad all the related symptoms.
    My question is, do you think that the insomnia was the start of CF and Fibro? Can this illness come and go and is insomnia ( not through pain) par tof it?
    Any replies would be FABULOUS
    Lots of love Lu
  2. KathiM

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    I just found out that if you have fatigue and insomnia it can actually cause all goes hand in hand.....

    Probably what you need is a sleep study. I thought they were baloney when the Dr told me I needed one and almost didnt do it but as a month later and very terrible sleep apnea which I am now on a machine third night...supposidly this will help !!!

    Check sleep apnea out!!!!!

  3. rosella

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    Yes, insomnia is my biggest problem. I often don't sleep until 5.00am, & only then for an hour or two. Of all the doctors I've seen, not one has any idea of the problems of insomnia,& only offer drugs. They NEVER consider that the root problem might be the way to go.