Does this sound like fibro, or something else????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BethM, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. BethM

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    Last Thursday I had to lug my vision and hearing testing equipment to another school. The nursing team works together to get our 10th graders tested each year, at each of our 8 high schools.

    On Friday, I submitted an injury report because my left forearm and wrist are swollen and painful. I have a history of bilateral carpal tunnel and tendinitis, have been under worker's comp care for a couple of years. I wore a brace on my right hand, but not the left while I was hauling the equipment on a luggage cart. silly me.

    This morning I woke up with pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders, especially on the right. I also have disc issues in my neck. I'm waiting for a PT referral for neck and shoulder pain, so that has been a problem already, but had calmed down lately.


    Needless to say, I plan to have someone else do the lugging on the rest of the testing days. It'll be a nuisance, but better than this pain! I took half a darvocet and a tylenol before breakfast today, and that is unusual for me.

    So, does this sound like fibro, or something else? It's hard for me to tell the difference anymore.

  2. NyroFan

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    I would go through the PCP or to a rheuamtolgist.
    The other reponser is exactly on the mark: time for a doctor's visit.
  3. BethM

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    you are probably right. I'm needing some perspective on this, that's all. I rarely get an answer from the doc, regardless. He just doesn't know. I don't fit the patterns.

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  4. rileyearl

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    Pain is pain, no matter what you have. It seems like a lot of us figured out what was wrong ourselves and went to a doctor for confirmation. The previous posts are right on though--find a doctor who can help you either diagnose what's going on or rule out some things.

    Hope you have a pain-free day tomorrow. Take care!

  5. dakotasweett

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    I agree with all the other responders. I can definetly understand why you are questioning if your pains are fibro related or not though. I just got back from another emergency room trip because of my random pains...this time the diagnosis was "tenosynovitis". I don't really care what name they want to give it..the pain is still there and I can't help but associate it with fibro since that seems to affect my entire body in the most unique ways. So to stop my rambling...whether or not your pains are fibro related or not, I truly hope you are able to find some relief from the pain...which is, of course, the most important thing.

  6. jaltair

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    It sounds like you have myofascial pain in your shoulders. This type of pain isn't uncommon with FMS. The pains etc that you describe (iincluding the myfascial pain) are more likely actual physical problems resulting from injuries / overworking / misusing muscles. However, the pains are not totally unrelated to your FMS. Whatever the cause of pain that any of us have, the pain itself will exacerbate our FMS / CFS symptoms, as pain in itself is a "stressor" on the body. If you submitted an injury report, you should be provided a slip from your employer that will allow you to have a M.D. evaluate your described problem (CA Workers Comp law).

    Also, the PT that you'll be going to should really help the myofascial pain in your shoulders. It really did help mine. I had PT for about three months. The treatment included warming the area with moist heat, physical manipulation through massage techniques, and exercises to help me improve my muscles ability to work, therefore lessening the physical problems and pain.

    Warm wishes, Jeannette
  7. BethM

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    If my wrist is still painful tomorrow I will go to the workers comp clinic. However, they will simply tell me to rest it, look at me disbelievingly when I tell them again I cannot take NSAIDS, give me a new brace and send me back to work on 'light duty'.

    I've done this dance before. I don't know why my hands and wrists are so prone to injury, and the docs can't seem to tell me, either. It's getting old, though.

    I am hoping that the PT for my neck and shoulders will help my hands and wrists also. The workers comp docs can't seem to understand that this is all one system, and one part affects the others. The neck and shoulders PT is through my PCP, not w/c.

    BTW, 'light duty' is just plain silly. One doc told me to type one handed. uh huh. I'm a nurse, I need both hands!

    What I NEED is ANSWERS, why this is happening. And I guarantee I won't get those answers from the w/c doctors. I don't know who I'll get those answers from, quite honestly. I sort of envy people who have definable medical problems. At least they fit somewhere within the medical scheme and might even have a cure.

    ok, I'm off the soapbox! (and yes, it hurts to type...)