Does this sound like sinusitis?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by jazzmynn123, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. jazzmynn123

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    I have these bouts once in awhile. I have seen an allergist who says I should be on a sinus rinse and flonase, but I get lazy about using them.
    I get nauseated, hot/cold chills and lots of sinus drainage. Sometimes I get diarrhea too.
    I used my sinus rinse this morning and it felt like a dam broke.
    I also have a whooshing sound in my ear.
    Have you ever had this?

  2. TwoCatDoctors

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    The sinus drainage is actually mucous going into your stomach and can make you nausaus, vomit or have diahrea or all three. Not long ago I had this when sinus infection was draining infected mucous into my stomach and I wasn't eating much because of nausea. A sinus infection can give you fever.

    It would be worth using the flonase nose spray on a regular basis as your doctor prescribes and you would probably have to do the sinus rinse and after a bit then use the flonase nose spray.

    Here is a safe site that has information to help you understand about the eustachian tubes and the sinuses and ears, plus sinuses.
  3. BluesDog

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    By definition, that all sounds like sinusitus. I have suffered for 50 years. My new ENT has made me get yet another (third) CT scan in 20 years, to "make sure it is sinusitus" before treating me. BS, it is to make sure to "sell another test" before treating me. Use the rinse. I find Nasonex to be superior and less irritating to nasal passages (aqueous). Here is something that is more effective and 10 times cheaper than Rx sprays: hot pepper capcasin nasal spray. I don't think I am supposed to hawk products here, but I already mentioned Nasonex, and the drug companies never did anyone a favor. The product is Sinus Buster, or just look up hot pepper nasal spray online. The pharma companies announced ten years ago that this was going to be the greatest sinus med ever, then gave it up because they couldn't patent a natural molecule, monopolize it, and make an obscene profit. Best sinus and headache relief I have found in 50 years. Good luck.
  4. TwoCatDoctors

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    Special Note: If you have cataracts, note that many of the prescription nasal sprays like Nasonex are not for use in people with cataracts. I found that out--some doctors overlook that and prescribe them anyway. But I had cataracts from medication that could grow very large very quickly, so I didn't need a prescription nasal spray potentially irrating them or causing problems with them.
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    I sympathize a great deal with your plight! I usually get one horrendous sinus infection each yr. at allergy time, usually early spring for me... when the trees are budding. it is terrible, non stop bright yellow drainage, then bloody mucous when the infection is so bad. sounds like you should be on the right antibiotic. I usually need 2 or 3 before knocking it out of me, Zithromax works well. the rinse does help because it is antibacterial and rinses allergens from the nasal passages, good luck, and feel better soon.