Does tramadol give the greatest relief?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Musica, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. Musica

    Musica New Member

    I know ultracet/ultram/tramadol is used for a lot of different types of pain, but I've been hearing that it tends to be the only thing (or one of few) that relieves FM pain. Is this true for most of you? When I saw rheumy last week, I was really hurting and my blood pressure was way too high. Since I am scheduled to have a hyterectomy this week - and he wants it as much as anyone, to see if that takes care of the whole pain issue - he told me to take tramadol 3x a day to lower pain and hopefully BP. I had never taken it more than 2x a day and only when I was really uncomfortable.

    It has helped. In fact, I got so busy today I only took it late morning and a short time ago, I started getting that sickly aching. I don't want to be in a flare going into surgery, since I have heard it can be worse afterward! However, I have been hurting more constantly than ever - maybe, as I said in another post - because I tapered prednisone to 2mg, which is the lowest I have been in over a year. Maybe the lowest since this all over aching has come on, making it even more difficult for a solid diagnosis, even by a rheumy who specializes in it.

    Anyway, I'm just wondering if ultram/tramadol does seem to be the most effective for FM pain. If so, does it take more than the usual prescribed 2x/day? (Now I understand 4x/day is even OK.) Do you know why?
  2. blondie45

    blondie45 New Member

    I take it 3 times a day. It is the only thing that gives me relief for parts of the day.
  3. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    Hi Musica,

    I tried tramadol, but it didn't help much with the pain. I take hydrocodone/vicodin daily 1-3 times. When the vicodin doesn't cut it, I take oxycodone--very occasionally. I look forward to taking 0 a day of everything. (next life, maybe?)

    I also take 2 Aleve Am and Pm for osteoarthritis.

    Do you take anything for anxiety? It's pretty nerve-wracking going in for surgery. I'd probably be on a valium diet for a day or two before!

    Take care!

  4. elsa

    elsa New Member

    Like so many other drugs concerning CFS/FM. tramadol is wonderful for some of us and either doesn't work on others or they have allergic reactions to them.

    For me, tramadol is a wonder drug. I take much more then three pills a day however. That really is a small dose.

    My rx says 1-2 tabs every 4-6 hours. I end up most days taking 2 about every 5 hours with no more then 8 (400mgs) in 24 hour period.

    It doesn't work on all of my types of pain though ... ie PMS.

    Some people will need something added to their tramadol for break through pain, but it takes care of business for me.

    Take care,


    PS I does seem to be a very popular rx for the CFS/FM community with many of us taking it.
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  5. Musica

    Musica New Member

    it helps a lot, and maybe is the only thing, IF it works for you at all and you aren't allergic to it!

    Actually, I take it 3x a day, but 2 pills at once, so I take 6 pills a day. I'm glad rheumy told me to do that, I don't think twice a day would last long enough.

    I wonder if there is an adrenal issue for me, since it has gotten worse and constant since tapering prednisone.

    Francie, I do have some xanax hanging around. It makes me drowsy, but I can break it into small pieces, so that may be a good idea through Tuesday! They give you something in the IV at the hospital if needed, and I'm sure I'll be quaking in my boots! I'm glad I know I will have a calming influence with me, either my pastor or another friend.
  6. elsa

    elsa New Member

    I forgot to mention that I do have an rx for flexeril but I rarely take it. Your reaction to xanex (sp) reminded me of it.

    Flexeril really does it's job well and when I just can't stand it ... usually after I have spent a few days over doing, etc., I'll take a very small amt. I guess that would qualify as break through pain medication. It mixes well with tramadol ... I just get very sleepy while the combo is breaking the pain cycle.

    You mentioned possible adrenal gland problems. I think it is standard for CFS/FM patients to have messed up hormone function ... Adrenal, pituitary, thyroid and on down.

    There is help for it, though hard to find a doctor who is knowledgable and willing to treat "creatively" (for lack of a better term). Intergrated doctors, MD's who are also ND's are good at diagnosing and treating with bio-identical HRT.

    I don't know if you already have a doctor helping you with this. If you don't ... Anti-aging specialists are a good place to start. Also, the patients being treated at the FFC have access to these type docs and are getting their HPA axis hormones balanced.

    I hope I haven't overstepped here. I really think our hormone system gets thrown for a loop just as certainly that we have sleep disorders. I hope you feel better soon.

    I'll be thinking about you concerning your surgery. Let us know how you are getting on.

    Take care,


    PS My sister was scheduled for a hysterectomy not long ago. She is 44 with 3 children and experiencing the usual hormone problems for someone her age and history.

    She was treated typically with synthetic estrogen to combat perimenopause problems. Typically, the estrogen therapy did not work and her ob/gyn took the next step in suggesting a hysterectomy.

    She put it on hold to try the newer treatment for estrogen dominance and bio-ID hormones ... sort of like Suzanne Somers suggests. She is doing much better.

    I also have a friend who opted to be treated post hysterectomy with intergrated bio-ID methods and is doing well.

    Again, I hope I didn't overstep my bounds on this. I don't know your situation, but I thought I'd share my sister's and friend's experiences.

    I'll be thinking about you ... Elsa
  7. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    thought sure they were trying to do a placebo on me. I might as well hold an aspirin to my head and turn in three circles while spitting wooden nickles. Just does NOTHING for me. My husband has diabetic neuropathy as well as pain from a back problem and Arithritis (me too+ Osteoporosis), knee pain etc.. They gave it to him for the pain from the Shingles that weren't caught in time to take the normal meds. He too got NO relief
    from it. It does work for some here and I'm not knocking it if it works, it just does not for us.

    Have you considered a pain specialist, cancer pain specialist, sports medicine doctor..all treat pain. I agree trying the different hormones might help some. I hope you get it all under control soon. I am SO glad you are getting off the steroids, that's how I got my Osteoporosis! A wonder drug with a very sharp tail!
  8. dancingstar

    dancingstar New Member

    It works for me, but it takes about an hour to kick my case. I know we are all different.

    My blood pressure goes up when I'm in pain as well. It's normally 110/70, but when I'm in pain it jumps to 140/70; pretty strange if you ask me. :)
  9. TXFMmom

    TXFMmom New Member

    I wa an advanced Nurse Practitioner for years and it is amazing how many different meds it takes to fill the same reason for people.

    I take tramadol sometimes. Especially when I am in great pain, and it works.

    A friend of mine who is a very small person and doesn't have FM took it and she said it made her "spacey."

    It can, sometimes, result in a little dizziness.

    I rarely take anything narcotic, only a Vicodin when I am really, really bad. I do mean bad, as in two or three times a year.

    Tramadol is quite effective for many people, it is non-addictive, doesn't eat your stomach, won't cause clotting problems, and most doctors are not hesitant to prescribe. For many of us, that, in itself is enough to give it a try.

    Additionally, recognize that not all of us have pain from the same thing, and that some painmeds are very good for certain types of pain and pain which originates from certain thngs.

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