Does transfer factor contain growth hormones?

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by meditationlotus, Mar 20, 2007.

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    I read someone that colostrum contains growth hormones, and as such, some doctors say that the types of growth hormones found in colostrum are the same ones found in cancerous tumors. These doctros are therefore leary of colostrum.

    Don't know what conclusion to draw. But, so many of you seem to be helped by transfer factor.

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    I have never heard that the colostrum has the type of growth hormone found in cancers. In fact, I have never read that it contains growth hormone.

    I will do some calling the labs that make it tomorrow and ask.

    Wanted to ask you if you have ever been tested for viruses. Cause if, let say, you have EBV. There is a targeted tranfer factor that costs less the the general Essentials TF. In my 2004 cat. it is $29. Probabably up some from that now but the old price of Essentials was $54.

    Just wondering about your testing.

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    Chishold Bio Labs makes most of these targeted TF. They do not call them by the names that they are sold by. There are 10 of them and they call them by a number.

    Pat was able to tell me that they use NO growth hormones in any of the TF's they make. However they only make the targeted TF's and not the Essentials or 4Life.

    I will have to call back when Michelle or Chip are in the office and they may know who makes the Essentials.

    So, there is a start and I will call back later to see if I can find out the rest.


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    Anytime I try something new, I read all the good reviews about it, and then I do a search to find out the bad things about it. That is what I found about colostrum.

    However, I have since tried to do that same seach and could not find anything bad about it, so maybe it was just some skeptical doctor's opinion.

    I haven't been tested for viruses. I don't have health insurance and money is tight, but I am also a positive thinker, so believe there is a way to find out.

    How expensive are the tests? What kind of tests should I have? Is there a special lab? Is there a way to do it cheaply?

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    Oh, that isn't good you don't have insurance. Any medical lab could do the EBV. That is the Epstein Barr Virus and most of us need to address that one. I know the labs where I live discount their prices to insurance companies and hiked them to the uninsured.

    While I was at a lab getting some bloodwook, a young girl was there with her dad getting some labs too and they didn't have insurance. For a few simple blood tests her cost was $900. They called the doc and asked it they really needed all that done. And I think they dropped some.

    Ok, I just called Labcorp and asked them the price of the EBV test (Epstein Barr Virus). $537 That is so what needs to be fixed with our medical system.

    I can't tell you what to do. I am the type who is willing to try things. But then, I don't have your thyroid problem. I will just say that TF 100 is the cheapest TF that targets EBV (and HHV6 A&B) and it costs about $30 a for 30. If you decide to try it. Just open it and scoop out a tiny little bit and put it under your tongue and see how it goes. Just do little bits at a time and build up if you tolerate it.


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    You have been so kind to do all of that research for me. Thank you for going out of your way to help me. I give you hugs. Bless you!!

    It sounds expensive. I may go ahead and try the TF 100. It also says that it helps with energy.

    It seems like I had a test for Epstein Barr and it turned out okay, but my labs used to vary a lot.

    Back when I had insurance, I was tested for the nuclear antibody titer which can indicate Lupus. I've tested positive for it and negative for it. I have many Lupus symptoms, but my doctor thinks that the titer was sometimes high because I have autoimmune thyroid.

    I had something like mononucleosis when I was younger. I was told that it wasn't mono, but something like it. the symptoms were the same. I've often wondered what kind of virus it was.

    Anyway it wouldn't hurt to try it.

    Thanks so much again.
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    I was told Lupus for a few years at the beginning. Dr. Cheney says quite a few of his patients have symptoms simalair to lupus. A few have developed it but very few.

    Glad to help!