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  1. Bunchy

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    Hi all,

    I have been very depressed for a while which has recently turned more into sever anxiety.

    I also have problems getting to sleep and am not allowed any more sleeping pills than I am already taking which is too much anyway.

    So my doc has prescribed me 50mg Trazodone twice a day or 100mg at night if I prefer.

    What I'd like to know from those who have taken this is can it help with all three of depression, anxiety and sleep?

    If yes, is it addictive or hard to come off?

    Please respond ASAP as if I get positive answers I may start it tonight.

    Have a good weekend,

    Love Bunchy xxx
  2. Hope4Sofia

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    Trazadone is an anti-depressant but they found that it worked much better as a sleep aid. I took it for a while. It did put me right to sleep but I always woke up with a bit of a hangover.

    Honestly, it never helped much with my anxiety/depression. I have severe anxiety but I take cymbalta for that. I also took Zoloft a few years ago and it worked well for the anxiety.

    I hope you get more answers.

  3. Marta608

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    Like most things, everyone's reaction to a drug is different but for the most part Trazadone is a good one. It was the first drug I was given after my CFS dx. and I took it until it seemed less effective. It helped me with sleep and with minor anxiety. If I had had a major problem with anxiety, Trazadone probably wouldn't have been that helpful.

    If you find that you're feeling groggy in the morning you can take it earlier in the evening rather than cut back. It is not one that must be taken right at bedtime.

    Like all drugs of its kind that I've heard of it can be habit-forming. I took 25 mgs or less (I chopped it up) but when I quit, I knew it!

    Constipation can be a side effect.

  4. tansy

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    Hi Bunchy,

    I am sorry you are still trying to treat these Sx. PWME can benefit from tricyclics and Trazadone is considered to be well tolerated. The usual advice for PWME is to start on a low dose since they can be more sensitive to ADs generally.

    I found Trazadone increased the number of times I dozed off night and day, but it did not induce restorative sleep. My dose was increased gradually to the highest level a GP can Rx in the UK, but it failed to bring about the desired results sleep wise. I found myself increasingly unable to function cognitively during the day and felt very hung over. My GP was reluctant to accept the side effects until my haematologist recommended in writing that I cease taking it.

    Coming off Trazadone wasn’t difficult for me at all; but I know others who had to reduce their dose slowly over a period of time.

    IMHO despite Trazadone not helping me much I still think it’s worth a try.

    Good luck. TC, Tansy[This Message was Edited on 08/18/2007]
  5. kree001

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    i have been taking trazadone for sleep for about 3 years, only thing that allows me to have some semblance of restorative sleep. have taken up to 100mg, find now i only need 50 take it right before bed, some groginess, when adjusting at first but did not last but a few wks,
    does not help me with anxiaty and or depression,

    found the post before mine unique claimed ad's made them deppressed, exactly what happens to me, dr keeps wanting to try different ones, because they may help with, pain, anxiety, more AD's i put my foot down, but will not do without my trazadone, it does what i need it to do, and have never had to up the dose, only lower it to be effective, sleepings meds do not work on me

    peace and love

  6. ladybird1

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    I have taken TRazodone for about 5 years. Started at 50 mg/night now on 100 mg/night. It helps with sleep but does not touch my depression. That won't change until the problems with my family unit resolves itself. My job is no fun either.
  7. waggoner310

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    Everytime I have taken it, I have woken up with the most unbearable pain in and behind my eyes, so bad that I was rolling around and crying, I thought I had glaucoma.
  8. mujuer

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    Trazadone is one of the older type of medicines used to treat a myriad of things. I took it for many, many years for extreme anxiety. I was hospitalized twice for anxiety and it wasn't until they had tried me on a bunch of other things they found this one worked. I had 4-5 panic attacks at night while asleep. After I started taking Trazadone they stopped. After many years on them my Dr. took me off slowly to see how I would do. I did great and didn't have the panic attacks anymore but I didn't have the great sleep I had while on them.

    Since then my Dr. put me on a muscle relaxer for my fibro pain. I am now back on Trazadone along with my muscle relaxer to sleep good.

    Here are my tips on going on and coming off of Trazadone as well as working up to highter dosages. Start with a quarter of the pill if he gave you 100's. You can see if you get any relief at that level before going up. Your Dr. should be agreeable with that. You want to be as cautious as you can when starting a new rx. It has a short kick in period and by that I mean, when it kicks in you need to be ready for sleep as once you go to sleep you need to be down for the night because if you get back up for whatever purpose, it won't kick back in unless it is for a quick bathroom break. You also need to commit a minimum of eight full hours of sleep to it so you don't wake up with a drug hangover.

    I went clear up to a very high dosage and then the Dr. weaned me back down and then would raise me back up slowly. It worked very well for me by doing it this way. It was one of those "lifesaver" drugs for me. I hope you get some relief. Also reduce your caffeine intake if you are having a hard time with anxiety. Best Wishes P
  9. Bunchy

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    However, there seems to be a mixed response to the Trazadone.

    I had it three times before over the years - once it worked for two weeks then stopped working (for sleep)

    The second time it helped with sleep for a while but gradually stopped working after a month and only barely took the edge off my anxiety.

    The third time I took it I just felt awful, sick and a massive headache and nightmares so I stopped it after two days.

    I am reluctant to add to my arsenal of sleep meds but I'm not sure which is the best for anxiety and depression.

    From all your posts and others I have read, Zoloft seems worth a try - I used it eight years back and it did help some.

    What I'd really like is to try to treat this without drugs - I bought an anxiety workbook and printed off the internet some strategies for dealing with depression.

    Do you all think that would be enough or do I really need another drug??

    Love and thanks to all of you,

    Bunchy xxx

    Edited to say I just read the post about Xanax which seems to have helped so many.
    Do you thin I could ask my doc to convert my Ambien and Lunesta to this instead as they don't work well anymore anyway having taken them for many years??
    I do take Klonopin for nerve pains and just beacause it helps me feel better generall y physically twice a week.[This Message was Edited on 08/19/2007]
  10. Bunchy

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    bumping for any opinions?
  11. oholland

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    I've now been on Trazadone for five years and it gives me wonderful sleep with no grogginess the next morning. I take it and Zoloft for sleep and depression. Use to be on Cymbalta for depression but I pay for my own prescriptions so opted for Zoloft since it was more affordable and worked well for me.

    Once the doc thought I should try Xanax but I began seeing things that weren't there so that was not an option for me.

    My Son did well on Xanax but then he developed a tolerance to it and needed more and more and ended up in rehab before he could get off it (I didn't know so many people develop an addiction to Xanax until he was in rehab) now he's on Klonopin which is much better for him. My sister-in-law has been on Xanax for three years and has no problems at all with it.

    Each case is different because we all handle drugs so differently.

    I hope you find what works for you.

    Good Luck,
  12. jake123

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    Ive used it for around six years.
  13. monicaz49

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    There are 2 sides of the coin w/ xanax.

    As a daily dose taken 1, 2 or 3 times a day...i say no way on the xanax.

    As needed, and maybe a quarter to a half a pill ...i say it could be extremely beneficial for anxiety..and possibly help w/ sleep.

  14. hugs4evry1

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    I've been on Trazadone for at least 2 years for sleep and it works wonders. I take 125mg at 7:30 at night and sleep like a baby from around 8:00 or 9:00 until 5 or 6 in the morning.

    My doc explained that although it is an anti depressant, they found that all it really does is put people to sleep so they started prescribing it for sleep issues.

    My doc would never have prescribed it for anxiety issues or even depression...because all it does is put you to sleep.

    So my answer is....NO, it most probably won't help even a little bit with anxiety or depression but will help you get a good night's sleep if taken with plenty of time to sleep through the night.

    Severe anxiety needs to be dealt with as a separate issue.


    Nancy B