Does Vitamin D3 have to be by prescription?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greatgran, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. greatgran

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    Had my Vit. D levels checked, my D3 was low, 17, which isn't to bad. So went to purchase some and the pharm. told me Vit. D3 was by Rx only.

    Now waiting on the doc to call me. I thought Vit. D was Vit. D, didn't know there were different kinds and it had to be Rx.

    The doc told me the day of my visit that she was waiting on all my labs before she wrote my Rx, but dummy me didn't know she was talking about vit. D3.

    Can anyone inlighten me on this.

    Thanks and God Bless,
  2. msSusan

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    NO, but docs usually like to prescribe high doses of D2 if your levels are low.

    A level of 17 is fairly low I believe. Should be above 30? Doc would probably want you to take at least 2,000mg but I would start at a lower dose. It caused me more inflamm.

    There are a few good quality D3's available like metagenics and jarrow (may contain soy or fish oil)
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  3. greatgran

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    The doc did a vit. D2 and D3 the D2 wasn't low, but the D3 was so I am confussed. I thought Vit. D was Vit. D.

    I was told the D3 is what we get from sunlight. Didn't think to ask what is the difference.

    Well, maybe she will call but for now I am just taking 2000 units of Vit. D that I bought, this was before my doc's visit. Its Springvalley Vit. D 1000 units and I take 2 one of morning and one in afternoon, most of the time.

  4. ginnytex

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    I buy Vitamin d-3 all the time (over the counter) at my local pharmacy. Occasionly, they run out , but my pharmacist will order for me. You can buy anywhere, you just have to search for the d-3 on the label, most of the time it is in a small bottle. But is definitely available over the counter
  5. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    puritans pride sells d3 in 1000mg 2000mg

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