Does XMRV cause ME?

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    Charles Shepherd
    Having carefully considered all the published evidence - good and bad - since October 2009, and been in regular contact with virologists and retrovirologists, my gut feeling is that XMRV is not going to be the/a cause of ME/CFS and that ant...iretroviral drugs are not therefore the answer.Results from further research studies will appear over the coming months, and it may turn out that XMRV - whatever its status - is found more commonly in people with ME/CFS. But I cannot see this finding turning into a diagnostic marker or test.


    It is as well that this person is evaluating scientific evidence with his gut because he has no qualifications in biomedical science in general and virology in particular. He may feel that his status as a part time GP qualifies him to evaluate whether a gammaretrovirus now found replicating in the blood of human beings can or cannot cause a neurological disease. Objectively, however, it clearly does not. If he bothered to consult experts in the field of MLV pathology they would be more than happy to assure him that they can! It is an extraordinary statement for a man who purports to be an advocate of people with a particular neurological disease to make. So a part time GP and a psychologist pronounce that XMRV, a gammaretrovirus, cannot cause a neurological disease. This is presumably why they are a part time GP and a psychologist. When the psychologist in question attains some biomedical knowledge, perhaps she will be in a position to understand the science. Many psychologists, unfortunately, do not understand science and this seems to be another typical example.

    It is still too early to send the jury out on XMRV, but I hope we can do so by the end of the year. See more Thursday at 1:30.,6153.30.html
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    I would agree with Dr. Silverman. My thinking has changed 180 degrees but I suspected early on that the original Science article was faulty. There is another post on this board about XMRV and it's dismal prospects.

    Who is Dr. Gerwin. Is he with the CDC?

    Take care.

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    ...well, just gerwin, as he posts himself, but I think he knows
    whereof he speaks.

    When he states "it certainly does not" (paraphrased), he means
    that Shepherd's status as a GP and psych. does not qualify him
    to follow his (erroneous) gut instinct about XMRV. Only science
    will find the answer.


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