Does Your Back Hurt? Here Is The Best Way To Sleep....

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  1. JLH

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    I have a lot of back trouble.

    Did you know that .....

    Sleeping on your back can put 55 lbs. of pressure on your back. Putting a couple of pillows under your knees if you sleep on your back, can cut the pressure in half. If you sleep on your side, place a pillow between your knees to reduce the pressure. Make a conscious effort to keep you spine aligned while you are in bed, from your head to your sacrum.

    Sleeping in a poor position is a common contributing factor to morning back pain.

  2. Fudge43

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    jlh ... don't know how the heck I slept before (not that I sleep great as it is .. but not without my pillows for sure !) .. and yet so many people don't seem to know this trick ... why is that ? haha
    Fudge : )
  3. Cromwell

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    Good advice. ANNE c
  4. rockindee

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    Anyone visiting see pillows everywhere, and I get alot of odd remarks and looks. No there are no orgies taking place, these are for anytime I sit, lay, or collapse or try to relax. They just don't have a clue.
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  5. jih thanks so much for sharing this advice with me.i always sleep on my back and wasnt aware that i was putting pressure on my spine as in like 55 lbs or once more.. many thanks for your post.

    fran xx
  6. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    between my legs when I was pregnant many years ago.

    Think I'll try it again.

    Thanks for advice.

  7. JLH

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    It is shocking to realize that sleeping on your back could put 55 lbs. of pressure on it, isn't it!!!

    I'm afraid that I might be putting more pressure on my back since I'm not a "lightweight"!!!!

    I have lots of pillows on my bed, thank goodness, that I have used under my knees and between my knees, but just didn't know how much benefit that I was getting from them!

  8. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    that when I put a pillow between my knees, it helps, but then my knees start hurting. Between a rock and a hard place, huh?

    I big is the pillow...the you use between your knees? Regular bed pillow or something flatter? I just wondered if what I used was too fat. Don't know, but would love to help my back out.

    Thanks for the topic.

  9. jhmitch

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    Thanks for this topic! We have so many sleep-related problems that any help is greatly appreciated.

    FiveSue: I'm a 'side-sleeper' and have noticed that using really puffy pillows between my legs actually doesn't help very much.

    The best support I've found when I'm on my side is a fairly flat bed pillow. One of those between my calves works wonders. It helps mimic normal spacing between the legs without putting too much pressure on the knees.

    For those times when I have to sleep on my back (like after surgery), having several puffy pillows under my knees is wonderful and sure helps my back feel better.

    Experiment with bed pillows and see what works best for you.

  10. ilovecats94

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    I'm a side sleeper so I put one leg under the covers and one leg on top of the covers. I have a pillow and will use that tonight and see if it helps. I have low back pain 24/7, unless I am laying down or sitting.

    I have to have my arm around a pillow so I have 3 pillows. lol

    Thanks for the idea. :)

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  11. Lorifay

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    New to the board. I have slept this way since I had back surgery 14 years ago and doc suggested it. You can buy long pillows that go from chest to below knees (can't remember what they're called, fibro fog) that work great for supporting your arms and knees. I couldn't sleep without it and have to lug it everywhere. One problem with sleeping on side....wrinkles right beside the nose. Ha
  12. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

    hi, saw your post yes everything your saying helps!! also i got a feather mattress pad for my bed, love it but you have to fluff it up every night, so next one i get i think

    i'll rethink the feather part. plus i didnt think when i got it, where or how they got the feathers! i LOVE animals!!! thought this could help someone HUGS! HAVE A PAIN FREE DAY!! BLKKAT
  13. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    I am a back sleeper who wakes up with terrible back pain in the center of my back. I will make the modifications to help.
  14. lin-z

    lin-z New Member

    i used to love to sleep in the fetal postion or even on my tummy but since i got sick i cannot do either. The pain in both shoulders prevents me from turning even slightly..just got back my mri results and i do have some significant damage to the discs in my neck..........UGH

    Now she wants to do a lumbar mri since my legs are so bothersome as well...but i do hate back sleeping and if my arms wil allow i will try putting pillows under my legs!!!

    thanks Linds
  15. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    That does help me: a fairly flat pillow between my calves. I will try that. Thank you for posting.

    I think I do change positions during the night, but I guess that's normal. I would like to try to help my back more. We bought a new mattress and that has helped, but not the whole answer. The pillow thing sounds good.


  16. JLH

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    I use a fairly flat pillow between my knees. I know they make special pillows for this purpose. They are small and flat in the middle and taller on the edges--they are hard to describe, but you could probably do a search on the web to find a medical supply store that sells them to see what they look like. In fact, I think I have seen ads in the newspaper from places like Big Lots that sell them.

    I never used to sleep on my back unless I had just had abdominal surgeries, etc. Then my doc would always tell me to put the pillows under my knees.

    My favorite position is sleeping in the fetal position on my left side. This way is also where my TV is positioned on my nightstand!! However, every since I had my pacemaker installed, which is right under my collarbone on my left side, I feel like I am scrunching it up when I lie that way! It just worries me to death!!

    But, after a short time on my left side, my shoulder is in a lot of pain and my arm is numb, so I turn everything over to the right side for a while! Then the same thing happens.

    I just toss and turn all night long. By morning I am lying flat on my stomach.

    I also sleep with a CPAP machine, so I have to fight with that hose and mask all night, too! The mask on it blows out a stream of cool air which I hate blowing on my arms. I can feel it no matter what position I am in (unless I am flat on my back!). So, I have my bed made with extra sheet at the top so I can wrap it around my arm so I can't feel that air from the mask!

    You know, it's really a job just to sleep!!!!! LOL

    My dear hubby and I moved to separate beds a long time ago. (We do have our visitation time, though, so it's not like I don't love him and kicked him out of our bed!!) It was so hard sleeping with him and I was working and needed to get up at 4:30 am and just could not get a good night's sleep with his loud snoring, hogging covers, pushing me over to the edge to sleep, etc.

    Now, I think I'm the one who would be impossible to sleep with!

    But, I can testify that sleeping in a poor position is a common contributing factor to morning back pain.

    I also have a lot of neck problems, and if I don't sleep with my neck properly supported, I wake up with a headache! Ugh!

  17. wdwmomma

    wdwmomma New Member

    I have a body pillow and an extra pillow to place across my chest so I can lean my arm there.

    I start out sleeping great, but no matter what I end up curled in a fetal position. That hurts my shoulder and neck.

    I've asked everyone, rhuemy, PT's, chiropractors what can I do. Try a rolled towel, a neck pillow, a firm pillow, soft pillow!!!

    Nothing works. When I'm sleeping I end up in this position with my neck curved up and my arm away from my body.

    Any suggestions?

    TIA :D