Does Your Family Love Your Fibrofog?!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AnnG, Apr 22, 2003.

  1. AnnG

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    I went grocery shopping with my 17 yr. old son. I was so tired and asked him to drive. I got home and started unpacking and there was tons of stuff in there I hadn't bought (or, I guess I did!). Brownie mix, Asian noodles,.... I gave him the "Mom Look" and held up one of the boxes. He said,"How did that get in there?" and gave me his innocent look. I wondered why my bill was so high. I think they're loving the fibrofog a little too much!

    PS: I went to Google to type in Fibromyalgia Message Board. I spelled fibromyalgia wrong in my haste and they came back and said, "Do you mean mental retardation?" I am not kidding! How rude!
  2. Solstice

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    my teenagers have been known to "use" my fibrofog to their advantage!

    Sometimes they tell me I told them they could do something, or I didn't pay them their allowance, and in my mind, I did, or I did not tell them they could do what ever...........and they tell me "You just don't remember mom!" I know sometimes they are pulling my leg, but some other times, I really am not sure!!! I have started writing some things down.........

    Oh well, enjoy the brownies........and that look on your son's face.....they won't be around much longer to give us those "mom looks" :)
  3. Cara-Sue

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    first it took me 3 try's before i could spell laugh right,lol.yeah my kids have pulled the shopping thing on me but so has my husband with the store bought cookies.he must be trying to tell me something cause my cookies always come out hard as rocks,not sure kids love fibrofog becouse i forget to ground them for something they's shockin',and there is nothing worse then that damn searcher say do you mean.....
    that was funny tho
    take care