Does your neck snap, crackle & pop???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JaciBart, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. JaciBart

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    My neck is constantly snapping, I do know this is a major symptom of lyme disease which I am being tested for but is this a fibro'cfs thing also?????

  2. donna13210

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    What exactly do you mean by "snapping"? Is this only when you turn your head?

    When it's quiet and I turn my head slowly from left to right, I hear alot of crackling, a sound which I would describe as a piece of paper being crumbled in one's hand. As well as occasional snapping and popping sounds, especially if I turn my head quickly But my neck and shoulders are always hurting badly, so I expect these sounds.

    Take care

  3. loonie

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    Hi, Jaci:

    Was going to post to you, as I have been Madwolf's patient for about 8 months now and was glad that someone else was able to see him too.

    My neck crackles as I turn it from side to side like nodding "no" (this happens whenever I move my head like that). Often when I have been keeping my neck in one position (most often when reading posts) and then move it up or down, I get very noisy pops. Doesn't seem to bother me when I am moving around a lot, just after an inactive period. Am going to ask Madwolf about it on 4/22 when I have my next appointment.

    Maybe see you at Madwolf's den sometime, loonie

  4. Dara

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    yes my neck pops, snaps and sounds like it's crunching whenever I move my neck up and down and sideways. I try to "roll" my neck at least once an hour or so, keeps it from going stiff.

  5. Fibromiester

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    Well, I thought it was a Normal thing for Everyone's neck to do! But my neck has always hurt, and I started going to a Chiro about 7 yrs. ago, and finally had an X-ray done. He said I had an old whip-lash injury...(a motorcycle accident in 1975!). Then last year I complained of "stabs of Elecrtic-like Pain" in my neck & shoulder. And new X-rays have revealed "serious DDD:Degenerative Disc Disease".
    I have gone to a Pain Specialist - Since NO ONE will give me Pain Meds!!! and all HE would do is send me to ANOTHER Pain Specialist who gives injections of some sort! I won't see him until NEXT Friday, and even THAT is for an EVALUATION !!!!!
    I wish I understood the Paranoia in this country and Gov. about Pain Help!!!! In this state, nothing is given over a Darvocet! Oh well There you are....

    I hope this is not your scenario, but if your neck is causing you pain,as well as NOISE! Go ahead & see a Dr, and don't wait til Possible:"DDD" is too far along! An X-ray would show it all...
    Love, Fibromiester

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  6. Mikie

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    My physical therapy helps keep this to a minimum and keeps my nect flexible. I turn my head sideways keeping my eyes level. When I reach what feels like the limit, I give it just a tiny bit more stretch. I reach over the top of my head with my arm and pull my head toward that shoulder. I pull my head down to my chest and I let it fall back. I do rolls, but they should be done very slowly and gently. In fact, when working with the neck, all movement should be very gentle.

    Love, Mikie
  7. JLH

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    Aah.... the snap, crackle, and pop in your neck is none other than arthritis -- otherwise known as degenerating disk disease!

    My neck does this all the time, and due to other problems, I recently had a CT scan of my neck, which showed severe degenerating disk disease, severe spinal stenosis, bone spurrs, buldging disks, and a pinced nerve. Yes, it's painful and along with my fibro, lupus, arthritis in other parts of my body, my pain specialist would only give me Darvocet, too!

    But the cracking in the neck, knees, ankles, etc. is due to are friend, Arthur (Arthur "ritis") - that was a lame joke that my late father used to tell everyone (that Arthur "ritis" was his best friend!) LOL
  8. lease79

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    I get the most horrible electric crackling sound in the back of my neck when I flex it. Sometimes it is really bad & drives me nuts. Other times (like now) it isn't as bad.

  9. Oh yes it sure does. I have always had a bad neck, DDD . I was told eventually it would fuse together and I wouldnt be able to turn my neck but the pain would stop. I also was getting terrible muscle spasms in my neck which were so painful, but knock wood have stopped. I think that fibro is actually the result of the neck problem.
  10. klutzo

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    The scientific term for all that noise is crepitus.
    I got great help with the DDD in my neck from physical therapy. It relieved 95% of the pain, and I continue to to the exercises they taught me.
  11. ohmyaching

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    snap, crackles and pops if I forget to take my estrogen or if I take something that might effect my calcium levels like magnesium or vit.C.